That PS French Toast

On the blog’s FB I posted up that I was making some Crock Pot Pumpkin Spice French Toast.  It got a lot of attention – you people either like pumpkin spice or french toast or crock out – not sure exactly what the pull in was! Tell me?

I decided to fail at taking appropriate photos.

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So let’s do a little backstory:  I do not like French Toast.

There that’s out of the way.

The recipe I used was this pin:

Healthy Crock Pot Pumpkin French Toast casserole recipe. Cooks overnight in the slow cooker. A great make ahead breakfast or brunch for Thanksgiving or Christmas morning. Easy, simple and packed with spices and healthy twists like whole wheat bread and coconut sugar! Top with your favorite maple syrup. / Running in a Skirt

I want to go ahead and let you know this is NOT a healthy recipe.  You cannot say that using whole wheat bread and coconut sugar makes it healthy.  It doesn’t.  It is a BIG ole carb, y’all.

The recipe is simple and most of the stuff you should have on hand.  If you do not have coconut sugar then use regular sugar but double the amount of what she used in the coconut sugar.  (I do not keep coconut sugar on hand because I’m not a fan of coconut dry ingredients.)

The verdict on this is:  If you drench it in syrup you will like it.  If you prefer your french toast with powdered sugar you may not be too happy with this recipe.

Also a crock pot note:  I cooked it on low for eight hours and it burned in areas.  My pot was greased and we were good to go with temperature but hello it’s a huge carb – it’s going to burn (and not burn when you go work out.)

My kids did like it but I think all they tasted was syrup.  So will I make it again? Nope.  I will make them PS pancakes instead.

Just being real with ya! XO!


P.S. When I decide to share some live cooking I do it via Snap Chat so be sure to find me @abullnojoke

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10 thoughts on “That PS French Toast”

  1. LOVE that you are giving your honest thoughts. We do like the pumpkin pancakes for breakfast but I so would’ve been on board to try this! I mean pumpkin and fFT…YES!! Maybe when all the boys are home again at Thanksgiving. Keep the Pinterest recipe try outs a coming girl!! 🙂

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  2. Isn’t is hilarious when people try to pass off non healthy recipes as healthy. It always cracks me up. Bummed to hear it wasn’t amazing. Pumpkin french toast sounds so freaking good. Maybe I’ll try my hand at creating something…..

    Liked by 1 person

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