Fall is for Pretty

Autumn the years last lovliest smile

There are two things that fall makes me think about:

  1.  Baked Goods
  2. Aging

What an interesting pair you may think?  Yes, it is unless you are me.  My birthday is in the fall.  I will turn thirty-six this year and that means I’m that much closer to forty.  No, not bashing forty here!  Just saying that forty is the milestone birthday that makes us go what the what?!?!

Every fall since I hit my thirties I have started taking a “self inventory” of this body I’ve been given.  My inventory sheet looks like this:

Skin – I check my wrinkle status and I don’t really have wrinkles but I have lines.  A few deep lines (forehead and mouth) and those b*tches drive me crazy.  I look at the complexion as a whole – it is dull friends.  My complexion is freaking dull.  I also check the turgor – and I’m not liking it at all.  Last I look at my eyes.  I have a fear of crow’s-feet and luckily they aren’t terrible.  However, my dark circles are getting darker by the minute.  If they continue you can call me Petey or Spot.  This comes from being super tired from the constant shuffle of life.

Body – Would it not be fabulous if our twenty year old bodies were the bodies we kept?  For me that would be super terrific!  But after two babies and three and a half decades of living I need to pay extra attention to this body.  My problem areas are the same as every other woman – I hate my middle, I question the legs, my arms make me cry.

Nutrition – Remember how I opened up this post?  Baked Goods.  My God in Heaven.  My nutrition has totally fell off track in the past six months.  I feel like I’m an eating machine.  I also feel like my coffee habit, while good for blood pressure and mental health, is hurting me.  Oh and water?  I’m not doing a good job.

Self – Wait wasn’t the other three self?  No.  The other three were just pieces.  I like to evaluate everything when I look at myself as a whole.  Are there any other physical pieces to comment on?  Yes, my hair.  I need a new do.  Then there is my personal joy level.  Where is it on a scale of 1-10?  Well, honestly it’s at a 4.  Career?  Hahaha ok yeah moving on.  Friendships?  Why is my best friend so far away?  (Not really I mean 40 minutes isn’t bad.)

After I evaluate everything I then decide on how to tackle the areas I need to knock down, drag around, and get rid of.

Skin – I wish I could say I was paid to blog but I’m not so whatever I mention is on my own free will and not at the monetary recommendation of a corporation.  The tried and true product for me is Olay.  I like the red jar – haha – quickly I google the correct name and it is….Regenerist.  That stuff is just the ticket for my skin.  On my birthday I buy myself the starter kit (face wash, cream, eye serum) and feel better!  Maybe this will be the year that I will use it all 12 months and not give it up in May!

Body – If you read you know my passion is working out.  I just keep my 3-4 day per week work outs going strong.  I’m adding more weights in (Tom Brady frowns at me) because weight work is where it is at.  Proven research on myself says if I lift I shred.

Nutrition –  More water, more water, more water.  Decaf coffee after 4pm.  Watch the damned baked goods.  Remember to constantly count the carbohydrates and go back to pretending to be diabetic to keep them in check.  (No, I’m not telling people I’m diabetic, dear Lord that would be idiotic!  I just pretend that if I don’t count my carbs I’ll die.  LOL Truth!)  The nutrition issues here are directly linked to the physical issues I hate.

Self – The hair is getting a makeover.  There’s a Bible study I want to participate in that I will do.  More attention to friendships but only if the other party is capable of keeping up their end of the friendship – it’s a ship not a boat!  I need to practice more thankfulness for the things I overlook every day or sigh about because of their monotony.  Actually, the self portion could go on and on and on.

And that is all why (to me) fall is for pretty.

You are Far More Precious Than Jewels / Proverbs 31:10 / Mother's Day / by HandwrittenWord, $10.00 / 8x10




16 thoughts on “Fall is for Pretty”

  1. You are definitely precious and just wait, you shall check stock of this personal inventory even more in depth in your 40’s! Fall and baked good are synomymos but I’m trying to keep the green and veggies in there…ya know, pumpkin, lol!! LOVED this post and you got nothing on 36 because this is the decades most stop caring about themselves but don’t realize how important it is to pay even more attention of taking care to the Temple God gave us! Make it a great Monday sis!! xo

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  2. I turn 40 in 17 months but who is counting and skin care and getting healthy have become my priority. I have looked at Olay products but I am too cheap but maybe I need to try them. And let’s face it friendships are so dang hard, but why do they have to be that way. 😦 I hope you have a wonderful Monday.

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    1. I like Olay’s product line and the results it has given me and the price point hurts because I’m a tightwad but it’s better than Estee Lauder and Lancomme and Roc! So when you need it, which let’s face it will never happen because you look 25, try it. XO!


  3. Love this post! I love Olay and Neutrogena products. I do use Ponds for my night moisturizer too. I am going to have to look for that serum. I hope you have a wonderful Monday!

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  4. I will be 35 next month and I have to admit… it’s a bit scary but at the same time, I know without a doubt I am more comfortable in my skin then ever before. Having said that I do believe it’s so important to always be working on being the best you possible. I look forward to seeing you grow and love the life you live.

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