Friday #40


As I typed 40 I was immediately taken back to last Sunday when we were at our friend’s home.  There was birthday discussion and Lori will be turning 40 in March.  Seriously, she doesn’t look a year near forty but there was a brief discussion about that birthday.  I’m close to four years away from number forty and I feel like I will, like her, need to be in my happy place for that birthday (for her it’s a Disney Cruise, for me it may very well be Mexico).  So here we are at Friday 40…boy did the last 39 fly by!  (We will all be guilty of saying that at some point I realize now!)

This post is going to be semi dedicated to my other half, Mitchell.

My husband, who is eleven months my junior (and he uses that any chance he gets against me) will be turning thirty-five tomorrow.  Generally, I have a good idea what I will pull together for his birthday but this year was a little more on the difficult side!  The man would not tell me anything he wanted to do!  Luckily, the cards fell into order – the weekend before his birthday (as in last weekend!)

After a super fun evening in Boone with my bestie – seriously I failed to take any pictures and that sucks!!!  ASHLEY – why didn’t we remember?!?!  I was trudging down the mountain at 11:30PM and it hit me – we should go to our yearly football game for his birthday!

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The heavens heard my idea (or did they give it to me?) and an old co worker gave me two tickets to the Florida State v Wake Forest game.  A little backstory – my husband is not really a fan of any team.  I’m not really a fan of either of those but since Wake Forest is in our backyard we pulled for the Demon Deacons.

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The game was super fun and we were on the FSU side!  We had some great laughs and if you follow my Snap Chat you know my mean girl side came out when a gaggle of hoes sat down in front of us.  The chunky one was half dressed and drunk and was the reason so many of us cringe at the thought of the next generations!

Image may contain: food

After the game we had dinner at Hutch & Harris in Downtown Winston-Salem.  When you come visit me we will go there and eat our weight in the Cordon Boone together, ok?  My husband ate every last piece of his 14 ounce steak complete with mashed cauliflower and vegetable du jour.  Since it was his birthday treat he treated himself to a gorgeous slab of New  York Cheesecake drizzled in caramel sauce – it was ahhhhhmazing!

The birthday celebration came together nicely and I’m so thankful it did!  My in-laws were able to take the kids on short notice for seven hours.  The kids had a blast and normally they are anything but happy over there.  When we got home the kids and myself went straight to sleep (we were so worn out!) and my husband was able to finish up the next workshop project.

Through out the week I have been doing a few other little birthday check list items like shopping and searching for the best cheesecake!  The kids and I will be taking him out for dinner over the weekend.

You know what really rocked out about the birthday celebration over the weekend?  I made all the money for it in the yard sale!  How awesome is that?  I generally make slim to none in yard sales but this time I did quite well.  We sold almost every single item we had for sale and what did not get sold was donated to our local chapter of The Special Olympics!  They have a massive and fabulous yard sale each fall and it is so worth visiting!

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Something not worth visiting is last week’s Patriots/Panthers game.  I’m not a sore loser because I’m a Wolfpack fan and after a decade of expecting loss I do not get all worked up when my team(s) lose.  Plus, it was super hard to get mad when I had such an awesome crew to watch the game with last weekend!  Lori and Scott are the best hostesses and friends!  They had the hubs and I along with our other friends Andy and Alecia over to watch the game.  I was the lone Pat fan but it’s all good even though Alecia kept screaming for someone to break Tom Brady’s knees.  I did refrain from saying anything back because….they don’t need to see that side of me yet HAHAHA!  We had awesome food, awesome conversation, and just the best time!  When friends feel like home you know you’ve found your tribe.

The girls having fun after the game.  

Lori shared with us that MTV is airing a show called 90’s House – we all immediately felt OLD!

Our boy spent Sunday afternoon with his Nana from the other Carolina. She came up to take him and her step grand to Thomas the Train in Spencer, NC.  He came home with a HUGE smile and a 46 million piece Lego train set.

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Guys, it got COLD here over the weekend!  Sunday morning I was sporting my Patagonia and freezing in Walmart.  If it goes lower than 46 I’m doomed.

Monday morning was cold too.  But I was warmed up knowing I had the day OFF!  My son had a dental appointment at noon so we just chilled at the house. He watched some shows, ate copious amounts of celery, and I worked on this here blog!  Can I share that dental worries are now at the top of my list?  Not for my son but for my daughter (she goes next week) – the child needs braces some kind of bad.  My bestie informed me about the process of widening the mouth and then pulling teeth down into place.  Not only did I immediately fall into a world of OMG PAIN but I also started worrying about being financially secure enough to give ten bajillion dollars to making  pretty teeth a reality for my child.  Of course I’m a good mama so anything for my kids – but Dear Jesus please don’t let us having to turn a screw in that kid’s mouth – NOOOOOO!

My wonderful husband started a side hustle (other than making amazing furniture) this week.  He found himself surrounded by mere babes and hearing phrases so foreign to him such as: Snap Chap  and Instagram.  This is just a see how it goes kind of experience to supplement the scrilla for the last quarter of the year.

Oh yeah and this girl is working on a project for the smallest lady of the house – no, not the cat – Cammy B.  A couple weekends ago we demolished her bed and now my husband has created a new bed from what we salvaged off her bed and I’m in charge of making it all “purdy” – hahaha.  I want it to be a total surprise but I’ll give you guys some hints:  the faintest of blues with a glossy shine and a monogram are involved.  Yes, Southerners do monogram everything.

No photo from our little girl’s night because it was a Snap Chat thing and I didn’t think to save the snaps.  Follow us at abullnojoke

Hey!  Speaking of Cammy B she and I had a fun girl’s afternoon/evening out this week.  She had a hoard of Justice gift cards – you know the store that looks like a rave took place in the night before?  So we took off to the mall with no boys to get her some new duds for the next few months!  That girl loves the mall so after spending (too much) time in Justice we hit up Bath & Body Works, Belk, and Old Navy.  Our favorite little side store is Dazzle Up.  I’m not sure if it’s a chain or just a little one man stand in our mall but that is the most fun store.


I got crafty and all that crap this week.  Upcoming post spoiler – I got my redo on in a bathroom in our house.  I have more work to do but I am pleased with how the vanity came out!  I hate painting walls and y’all those walls need painting but I plan to do everything but! HA!  I also got crafty with the kiddos and I guess I was more into it than them.  My son loves to snatch up all the paint chips at the home improvement stores this time I put them to use!


Image result for wolfpack win over louisville
Image result for patriots win over tampa bay

The work week was wrapped up with a day “off” but I worked at my own home.  Business is booming so my mind is not resting since it’s constantly churning out how to make the schedule more conducive to life!  These are total blessings and I’m thankful for them.

Alrighty – I hope you guys have a terrific weekend!



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8 thoughts on “Friday #40”

  1. Happy Birthday Mr. B! Your cougar is a catch let me tell ya Mitchell! I know everyday he looks at you and thinks “hot d*#n Mrs. B is Sizzlin!!” Getting your crafty on baby sis, can’t wait to see!!!!! Have a sweet weekend with your beautiful Fam…cutest Patriots fan ever you are!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I died laughing at the gaggle of hoes comment. I know exactly what you are talking about!! Fun birthday idea though! My go to idea for my husband generally involves college football. The cheesecake with caramel sounds so good!! Can’t wait to see what you came up with on the bed!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I hope the hubby had the best freaking birthday ever. I read your birthday wish on Facebook and for a brief second I wondered if we had married brothers, because they sound SO flipping much alike. I love that you made so much at the yard sale. God provides!

    Liked by 1 person

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