Take Time

Take time to….

Sit still and clear your mind – just make a point to sit and be totally aware of taking everything scrambling around your brain and file it away.

Take time to….

Move your body in healthy repetition – being aware of those large and small muscle groups as they do what you tell them to.

Take time to….

Laugh until you wet your pants.  If you have had a couple of kids this is easy.

Take time to….

Communicate with your best friend every.single.day.  Just an email or text can suffice.

Take time to….

Read to your littles and ask your older littles all about their day.

Take time to….

Pray because it works and you non believers can do it too.

Take time to….

Do it all over again – this list of course.

We cannot see our expiration dates – make every moment – joyful or monotonous count.

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Remembering my Mom-o today. September 27th, 1926-October 4th, 2016.  #ENDALZ


Currently is the first Wednesday of each month.  I just adore this fun little sharing time.

With fall here (the nineties left out at the end of last week) I’m going through my closet and putting together cool weather work, work out, and chillaxing outfits.  I really am trying to do zero shopping but new work out clothes are always a needed addition.  There are also a couple of things I wish to add to my closet.  Including these cute finds from my old go to – Old Navy.


Oh how I want to write saving money for Christmas.  Oh how I cannot do that!  As in write it because I cannot seem to save a thing right now.  So I’m saving ideas for our pumpkin party and that means saving recipes, pumpkin designs, and coupons!


Every day for thirty minutes I search for zen.  I started back to yoga and have been wondering why I ever gave it up.  I’m realizing how much my body has changed and how some of those changes are not good.  My flexibility used to be amazing and now it’s not.  Before tightness was stretched out in a mere 15-20 seconds and now it takes a whole session.  This makes me more aware of my current workout sessions and how I need to TB12 it instead of trying to Gronk it.


Picking my nose?  Haha I haven’t been picking much more than the plants OUT of my garden (end of season) and picking out new flowers which were planted last week.  In place of the impatiens I have dark purple pansies.  I pray they take off as well as the impatiens did!


I’m striving to make the better choices this month.  Better meal choices, better water drinking choices (hahaha), better choices of focus.  I choose to be so incredibly centered in October!

What about you?



12 thoughts on “Take Time”

  1. LOVE this and I just sent down a BIG HUG, I know today is tough but Mom-O is never far because she shines in your spunky and sweet spirit!! Made your sausage one pan last night and BAAM…we have a winner, my husband especially loved it!! I knew those Turkey Brats I got on Monday would come make the BEST meal thanks to my lil sis! Love ya to pieces!!

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  2. If you’ve had a couple of kids, it’s easy. TRUTH. Oh goodness, so much truth. Love this post and these ideas. I need to take even ten minutes to just quiet my soul and mind more often. It would do me so much good.

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  3. No kids here and still have that laughing problem, I think it is a myth that kids cause that! I am trying to not drink wine during the week this October no matter how crappy the day was and recenter myself instead. I am getting back into my weekly yoga Thursday too, it is the best! Sorry about missing your sweet Mom-O today and always!

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