One Pan Meal

Kudos to Small Town Woman on this one!  

I was feeling fall food.  It was fall (according to the calendar) but also 87 degrees outside.  I should have opted for a nice summer salad but the craving for fall food overtook me.  Anyone else bad at labeling recipes for seasons?  I mean we all understand that a watermelon salad cannot really be eaten in January and taste that great.  Also, I’m not sure I would be down with roasting a turkey in July.  I mean I could be totally warped in that thinking but…

The calendar said fall the weather said August my belly said FALL FOOD NOW!

A week before I had found a pin (shocker) for a recipe I just had to try:



OK this is a good one, y’all.  This recipe was just what my taste buds were looking for.  It’s savory, satisfying, and my ten year old ate it!  The husband loved it too.  The only one who didn’t want it was my son.  He rarely steers away from apples, pears, and more apples.

The recipe calls for ingredients most of us probably have on hand.  I had to pick up the brats *uncooked* and that was pretty much it.  I do have a few tweaks for this recipe (click the pin to get it) that I believe are necessary.

  1.  Once you add your cabbage to the skillet add your (cut) brats to the pot so they can finish cooking with the rest of the dish.
  2. Dump all your liquid in at one time – cover and cook on medium – occasionally stirring for about twenty-five minutes.
  3. Lower fat – use a brat made from poultry. Low carb – cut the potatoes out.

You’re ready to make this now.  I’m ready to eat it again!



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10 thoughts on “One Pan Meal”

  1. Ooooh I saw those brats and the words “One Pan” and I was sold! I LOVE the flavor the cabbage gives! I just bought turkey brats yesterday so I know what is getting made in my house this week and I will tell the Fam..compliments of my lil sis!! xo

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