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Weekend Recap (Because it is that time of year.)

You know I don't do weekend recaps. Unless it's that time of the year.  As in Halloween - New Years.  And friends...we have (ever so quickly) made it to that time of year. I'm just like... Since I cannot deny we are at the tail-ass-end of October let's do this. I had Friday off. Do you… Continue reading Weekend Recap (Because it is that time of year.)

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My Shitty Kitchen Take Over

If you aren't reading the fabulous Missy's blog, My-Shitty Kitchen, then you are missing out.  Today I'm sharing a Missy Recipe that I tweaked for my not-so-shitty kitchen. The original recipe from Missy was a Brisket & Cabbage Soup.  Since I'm working on making my kitchen lower in cholesterol, sugar, and fat I knew this… Continue reading My Shitty Kitchen Take Over

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I want, I want, I want

I haven't heard the words, "What do you want for your birthday?," since I was twenty.  Anyone else miss the days of getting presents?  Having a big, fat cake?  Maybe a sleepover? Yeah those were some awesome days. Of course birthdays prior to marriage and motherhood were a bit more of the "fun" that I… Continue reading I want, I want, I want