Friday #39

A quick one for you this Friday.  I’m (really) having a yard sale today so ya know…gotta get on that!


Last Saturday we went to the NC Pumpkin Festival in Elkin.  The festival is relatively small and took about 45 minutes to walk through.  My little guy was so excited to see the MASSIVE fruit as it was weighed!  The winning pumpkin was around 747 pounds!  We didn’t stick around for the watermelon weigh in.


Last weekend also brought something I will be blogging about later.  It led to a very long afternoon and a fresh  new haircut for my girl!  She can rock this fun cut so well and she looks absolutely adorable in it!  I wish I had snapped a picture of her smile after the hairdresser was finished up – it was awesome!


I hate school fundraisers.  Seriously – ain’t nobody got time for overpriced cookie dough and gift wrap.  This year my child sold that overpriced crap (we didn’t sell, really) but the company had an online shop too.  I decided (mom guilt) to check it out and stumbled upon these adorable finds!  The “mason jar” measuring cups stack up to look like a ceramic jar and the measuring spoons are just too cute and perfect in my kitchen.


Also, this week I ended up getting new dishes.  Our old ones were too heavy, got too hot, and just not functional for us anymore.  So what did I do?  I did the tried and true!  Corelle Ware!  This pattern just stole my heart – a little retro and a lot of fun. PLUS, it matches mi cocina!


Gross picture, right?  I got some dirt playing time this week as I removed the Impatiens from the spring and summer from my front garden bed and replaced them with pansies.  All week we had temperatures around ninety – I loved it so much!


Yes, friends, I held on tight to summer this first full week of fall.  But I had to let that grip slip since fall is coming to North Carolina this weekend.  Temperatures will be dropping to the high 40’s for our mornings.  I can deal with fall I just cannot do winter!


That is one TIRED mutha.  Oh wait…that’s me.  I got my hair did last week and I got bangs, a few more layers, and my color updated – it’s great!  It’s blonde (but that’s all natural…shh.)

This week on the blog –

Fall Clean Out! My tips and tricks.  Y’all know how I make my lettuce – so here are some of my tips to get your home all ready for all things pumpkin spice/hosting/for real clean!

Easy Chinese Dinner!  This one is worth your time when you are short on time!

What’s Up? The monthly link up!

Mug Swap   The most incredible mug ever is mine now!  Andrea, thank you!

This weekend –

  • I am looking forward to a hot date with my bestie tonight!  I think we’re Boone bound.
  • Cooler weather <gasp> yes I’m going to welcome the season appropriate weather and even make some yummy fall food.  Last night I tried my hand at a crockpot pumpkin french toast.  If it’s good you know I will share the recipe!
  • Finishing up the yard sale!  Woot woot!
  • Football at Lori’s!  I will be the lone Patriot in a house of Panthers.
  • Yoga – back at it and boy am I glad.  (Post later!)

Wishing all of you a wonderful start to October 2017!  I shall see ya next week, lovelies!




11 thoughts on “Friday #39”

  1. Oh that cut on sister (and you) looks so cute. I tried to get mine to cut her hair like that, But she didn’t want to do the stacked thing. I’ll be looking for the story behind that. Those HUGE pumpkins are SO fun. I have never actually seen a big one like that. Can’t wait to hear all about the french toast. Have a great date night with the bestie today.

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  2. CUTE hair cuts. I have to tell you this post made me tear up. You see the very last gift I gave my sweet MIL before she died two years ago were those Mason Jar measuring cups. I loved the color and she loved mason jars all her life since she and her mama canned for as long as she could remember. Have so much fun tonight with your BFF, call me if you need bailed out, I can be there in 10 hours, lol!!! xoxoxoxo

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  3. Yay for yoga! Also, that sandwich looks REALLY good! My tomato plants are done-zo for summer…it is way too cold now and we are so bummed out. That watermelon is HUGE and so is the pumpkin!

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  4. I so need to have a yard sale…..after moving everything out to paint I’m committed to not move anything back in unless it is really, really something I want to keep regardless of who gave it to me! That hair cut looks so precious on your little and I’m dying over those big huge pumpkins. jealous of your mountain weekend and cooler temps. Hope you have so much fun!

    Shelly | The Queen in Between

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    1. It was just a mountain evening 🙂 We had so much fun!!! Girl, don’t you dare move that crap back in!!! I made $75 off my two tables and rack in the sale so I’m like woo hooo! I hope your weekend was wonderful and your week ahead is the best! xo


      1. Be proud…so far I’ve sold a china cabinet, curtains and some home decor….sent some furniture home with my brother for one of his friends who was a flood victim. Still so much crap! And I keep telling myself NO MORE! From now on I better love something 100%+ before I buy it.


    1. The pumpkin french toast will be in a future post. I made it for the kids as I am not much of a french toast person. So….I need a Corelle outlet in my life….I was practicing my Boston accent this weekend in the event I say eff it all and move LOL! I hope your weekend rocked out and you know what? I hope this week is perfection! xo


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