Mug Swap

Because this is what fall is about right?  Cozy sweaters and mugs of coffee!

Mug season is every season for me.  I drink coffee like it’s the fluid of life (and I think it really is at this point in my existence.)


When I saw that Stephanie posted about a Mug Exchange I was like – yeah let’s do it.

Meet Andrea.  The name alone means she is awesome because y’all all know my big sis Andrea Nine is so fabulous.  Well Andrea Sprout is the owner of the blog, The House of Sprout, and she recently relocated to Michigan from Rhode Island.  She is a mom to four kids and my favorite line in our getting to know each other email was –

I LOVE coffee and almost always have a mug in my hands (that I reheat over and over all day long!)…until I trade it for a wine glass…lol!


When Amazon boxes show up at my house I get all giddy.  You can imagine my excitement when one came out of the blue.  This sweet woman had sent me a fabulous mug via the best website ever.


The hand warmer mug is mind blowing for this mama.  No handle persay but a fabulous indention where any hand fits in to hold the mug and also warm the hand!  This is the perfect outdoors mug for coffee sipping mornings and campfire weekends.  One hand in my pocket and the other warm from my cup.  And don’t you dare worry about burning your hand!  This stuff is incredible.

My daughter thinks we should now buy everyone one of these for Christmas and she may be on to something!  These are fabulous!

Thanks, Andrea for such an awesome mug.

Go see Andrea’s blog!  Then go over to see if you can win a little mug love yourself at Stephanie’s place!



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