What's Up Wednesday

What’s Up?

End of September?  Meh…

It’s the first true week of fall and the temperatures are all 80’s.  Nice, right?  We’re eating salads, Sweet & Sour Chicken, (ma where’s the) meatloaf, tacos, and.  When fall truly rolls around visions of chilis and soups are just dancing through my head but when it still feels like summer I hang out like Wilson Phillips.  What are you guys eating?  Anything fun?  Anything low carb?  Everything I make has a low carb option for me.  I need that especially right now since we’re getting closer to being hip deep in oh so good but oh so bad foods!  The best thing I ate in September had to be the pumpkin pie cupcake (a bajillion carbs) from Dewey’s Bakery at Thruway.  The kids and I treated ourselves to a Saturday splurge and it was worth it!

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I heard that the reason so many people like pumpkin spice is because research has shown that the smell and taste triggers our brain of good memories.  Is that not the sweetest thing?  Of course I had to ponder that research finding and I believe it is totally true!  Pumpkin spice does make me remember the good stuff in life like holiday and every day meals at my Mammaw’s, Thanksgiving meals at both sets of grandparents’ homes, my favorite pie that I haven’t had in ages!  It also triggers me to remember fun times with my bestie when we got PSL’s together a few years ago.  We were on a mission!  So I’m wondering does pumpkin spice (not necessarily the drink but the flavor/taste in general) remind you of a happy time?

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Our last swim ever at my mom’s pool – she sold her place on 9/15.

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September and October are festival time in North Carolina.  I freaking love it, guys!  We have been to two festivals thus far – Bethabara Apple Festival and the NC Pumpkin Festival.  This year I had a goal of taking the kids to festivals I hadn’t been to before (meaning they hadn’t either) and though the pumpkin festival has been visited by us before the Bethabara festival had not.  We had so much fun!  It was just the right size for a festival and filled with the right mix of history, vendors, and cheap food!  Other things we have been doing this month include: Celebrating Cammy B’s 10th birthday, starting back to preschool for Harper B, flag football for Harper B., back to swim for Cammy B (by the way she turned 10 at the start of the month!), and getting used to being in the routine of school/sports again.


I was working on my husband’s birthday but then he suggested just he and I do something together.  That’s easy!  Still a girl has to be on her planning game for a birthday date night!  Our Pumpkin Party is a few weeks away so I’m still working on it but I cannot complain one bit because that is fun!  Let’s go ahead and say I’m working on myself too!  It’s getting to be the time where I need to change up my work outs again.  I’m trying to figure out just when I will get to do that (and when the calendar will allow for it!)

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Last year’s birthday date night was dinner and bowling.  Sadly though his birthday was also the day we had my grandmother’s funeral….this year MUST be better!  

A date night for the husband’s birthday gets me excited!  We haven’t had a proper date night since maybe July or even June!  I really need regular date nights but our schedules and (let’s be honest) sometimes finances don’t fall into babysitter + dinner + something fun equation! Of course I am excited about the party we’re hosting.  I’m hoping we get a hike or two in in the next few weekends!  Other random excitement comes from our favorite shows being back on with brand new episodes!  Our friends Lori and Scott are hosting a Panthers v Patriots watching party and that makes me giddy with excitment – you know I am the only Pats fan in like a fifty miled radius (just kidding there are several of us here in this little Southern Town!)  There is plenty to make me smile about right now!  I know October makes a lot of us excited!

Is it appropriate to just do pictures for the next paragraph? Ugh I’m afraid I will spend too much time locating them so let’s just do it bullet style!

  • Real Housewives of Dallas – my favorite?  Currently, I don’t have one.  I think they are kind of icky.
  • Real Housewives of OC – my favorite?  Peggy.  The only one who doesn’t stir the pot and I love how she mixes up her English!  I do that too, girl.
  • This Is Us – it’s back!
  • The Goldbergs
  • The Middle
  • Speechless
  • American Housewife – LOVE!
  • Ozark – a little dark side of one of my favorite actors, Jason Bateman.

OK let’s just be totally honest right now when it comes to literature.  This girl, writing this blog, right here, right now, read three Danielle Steel books between mid August and mid September.  I feel like this is a new level of nursing home achievement.  I read:

  • Betrayal – meh
  • Country – Since I used to watch Nashville I could deal with this. LOL!
  • Prodigal Son – not too bad but I knew what was going to happen

Her books are so easy to just devour and yes you can see what is coming but if you want to read and do not want to be invested then Danielle Steel is your girl.  Did you guys know she had like 14 kids?

Now I’m reading…wait back up I need to start this part over.  Ok as I mentioned before I went to that apple festival.  At the festival I visited The Wachovia Historical Society’s table and the kind lady gave me a stack of books on the history of Salem (Winston-Salem is actually a merger of two cities for your foreigners) and I graciously took them.  So I have about 10 books on the various histories of the culmination of the creation of Winston-Salem.  Yes, I read these.  Yes, I find them interesting.  Yes, I wear thick glasses.

Let’s change gears a bit and give you something you are comfortable with and then I’ll tell you something that will make you uncomfortable!  Have you heard Beiber’s new song?  Loving it.  Loving the new T. Swift song too and I have convinced my daughter T. Swift only releases albums around my birthday because we’re secret besties.  She released her last CD a few days prior to my birthday and this new one will be released the week after.  My kid is at that age where she will believe anything but an hour later start to question it.


Ok now let’s cringe.  My daughter recently started taking some work out classes with me.  I let her pick the ones she is interested in and I go along with her choice.  The first week she picked Hip Hop.  I was down.  Then I realized that I haven’t been to a club, dancing, sober while trying to dance in probably half a decade.  So when I was in that class I felt so out of place.  However, I couldn’t focus too much on me because that hip hop label is a little false.  There was more stripper than hip hop going on in that class.  I’m not kidding!  And the music was Top 40 but it wasn’t the radio edit.  So not only is she learning how to make fabulous tips in a risque dance environment she was also getting the full monty on the songs she sang the alternative words to since she didn’t quite get the true version.  Effing great….

Blue & White 'The Mountains are Calling' Wrapped Canvas #zulily #zulilyfinds

This weekend I’m finding my way to the mountains – weather permitting.  On Sunday I’m taking a batch of million dollar dip to Lori’s for the game.  Simple little plans.  Throw in a work out – I must get in my early Saturday morning work outs beginning in October and holy moly October begins this weekend!

Hello October | hello-october.jpg

October is just a total blast of a month.  There’s so much to look forward to but a few things I didn’t mention in this post that I’m excited about? My daughter and I will have a girl’s day complete with a mall trip!  I’m excited about switching up my workouts.  I have a few problem areas and I know just the cure!  I don’t get excited about Halloween but maybe this year we’ll do things a little different and it will be fun. Maybe!

Anything else…hmmm?  Oh yeah I’m going to cut back on blogging.  I’m thankful for true friendships.  And did someone say pumpkin pie season?  Oh yeah!

So, friends, tell me what’s wonderful in your world!  I cannot wait to read it and chat!





8 thoughts on “What’s Up?”

  1. Oh how I love getting into that brilliant brain you yours Pumpkin! To me, pumpkin spice evokes thoughts of cozy, my favorite comfy bottoms, crisp football mornings of youth football and all that jazz! October makes me happy! So time for your date night with Mr. B girl, go get your spark on and show him a birthday to remember with the hottest gal in North Carolina, doesn’t even matter that hip hop is not your jam anymore. We girls don’t got time to be up in the da club, lol! Luvs ya to pieces you beautiful babe!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Umm…a weekend in the moutains! Sign..me…up! Keith drives me nuts every single time I make meatloaf when he repeats that line over and over and OVER. And I do love me some pumpkin spice but not PSL’s…my bday is in October so I really think the smell of pumpkin and this time of year always brings back happy thoughts!

    Liked by 1 person

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