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Easy Chinese Dinner!

Happy Tuesday!  I’m sharing this post over at TBB.

I’m coming to you as a busy as hell woman.  Between work, kids, house, and all the other things jammed in between I’m here to be totally real.  Today I’m giving you a meal idea that we LOVE!  It requires (really) nothing of you.  OK wait that’s wrong – it requires a visit to the freezer section of Aldi.

Don’t leave me!

Last month I was in Trader Joe’s and picked up the Mandarin Orange Chicken and Vegetable Fried Rice.  It was great.  It was pre-made.  It was fabulous!  The whole family devoured it.  It cost me about $9 and fed four people and I was tripping billies it was such a hit.

News flash – Aldi & TJ’s are now owned by the same company.  (Maybe that’s thus the push for more organic, non GMO stuff at Aldi?) So when I was picking up groceries at Aldi I had to slide to the freezer case and see if they had the same two items we just love from TJ’s.

Guess what?  They (kinda) did!

Instead of Orange Chicken they had Sweet & Sour Chicken (same thing).  They also had the same rice except there’s has egg in it.  I can deal with egg – protein!  So I bought it up $9 again.

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I made this for the family and guess what?  It was so freaking delicious.  The kids ate it up and the husband couldn’t get enough and I was kinda hogging it too.

I’m not here to condone freezer food but I can tell you this – often times freezer food is light years better for you than any drive thru can ever be (I’m looking at you MCD, Burger King, Bojangles, Taco Bell, Wendy’s) and so while I cannot say do it every night I can say:  Do this when time is NOT on your side.

Prep Time: 0 minutes

Cook time: 20 minutes total

Cost: Roughly $9 and fed four human beings.

Image result for fusia sweet chili chickenImage result for aldi vegetable fried rice


Eat up my busy peeps!



14 thoughts on “Easy Chinese Dinner!”

  1. Freezer food that equals a family dinner is still better than driving through for fast food! I had way more dinner time table gathering with my bigs back when the meals were fish sticks and canned veggies than we actually do now with almost all home cooked meals. Thanks for sharing with Tasty Tuesday Amanda!

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  2. I am so deprived without a Trader Joe’s near by!! BUT I do have an Aldi’s and go every couple months to stock up….this will be a staple in the freezer and the boys LOVE these kinds of foods. I too rarely do freezer foods too but sometimes you gotta do what a busy mama’s gotta do!! LOVE!!


  3. No Trader Joe’s near me either, but Monday’s are usually Asian nights at our house! Last night we had Teriyaki Asian Bowls and they were delish! My most recent hack is using frozen fried rice, too! I’ll never make it again.

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  4. I love that they are owned by the same company. It makes me love each of them more. Aldi SOMETIMES has the orange chicken too. They get it in on occasion as on of those “special” items that they only have for a week or so. So keep your eye out for that.

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