Cutting Back.

I need to cut back.

Cut back on processed snacks that I bought because they were 89 cents for a freaking box.

Cut back on constantly being in motion.

Cut back on Diet Coke.  (Cut your eyes, Laura.)

Cut back on negativity I feel in certain craphole situations.  Maybe just eliminate the craphole?

Cut back on operating my own version of the ASPCA.

And maybe refuel on….

Refuel on realizing the mess is the mess and it ain’t going no where. Therefore it doesn’t have to be tackled at 9pm on a Tuesday night.

Refuel on the giggles and laughs I get from the daily grind.

Refuel on couch time in the evening.

Refuel on ignoring that pre-teen attitude.

Refuel on the energy of the people around me who smile every.time.I.see.them! (Work out buddies – that’s YOU!)

Refuel on being still and knowing all is really is well.

So what about you?  What’s on your cut back list?  What’s on your refuel list?



14 thoughts on “Cutting Back.”

  1. OH my gosh,, I love this..I need to cutback on worrying, worry, worry, worry…I need too refuel by letting go and letting God!! I need to cut back on hating my job so, Hey it’s a job and pays for college so I need to refuel on funds, lol!! Love ya girlie, Happy Monday!!

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  2. I need to cut back on the sweet treats but that means cutting back on pumpkin spice and I just can’t quit that.

    Seriously though I have been cutting back on bloggy stuff lately and it has been really good. It almost makes me want to cut back more.

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  3. This is so good! I am cutting back on my stupid cell phone. I had a kiddo tell me in class the other day (when we were answering the big question, “what does your family do together?”) and the kiddo told me “nothing because my parents are always on their phones.” I get it, they are kindergarten students and I don’t believe everything they tell me (I am sure they do stuff together) but that really bothered me. I just put it up and don’t look at it much anymore. We are refueling on being outside and throwing the football, and jumping on the trampoline, and being present with each other and not stuck on our phones. This post was great affirmation and a great reminder. I loved reading it!

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