Friday #36

I really do not know why I am doing a Friday post at all.  Nothing blog worthy has been going on.

Week 3 of fourth grade is in the books for Cammy B.  She is really loving it – maybe the most of any year of elementary school yet.  Week 2 of preschool is wrapped and Harper B. is enjoying it.  He is so comfortable at his little preschool and that’s great!

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Rock Show I went to my first Gem & Mineral Show last weekend.  It was interesting.  You should take spending money if you ever go to one the jewelry is amazing!  I failed to take any for me and just gave the kids a little so they could buy awesome things like what you would find at Walmart…

Routine Now that we are 3 weeks into school and swim and two weeks into preschool we are really in our routine and I’m thankful for it.  Even though summer is my happy time I thrive off of a regular schedule and I know I am NOT a lone on that one!

Irma She didn’t do what they were projecting here in my part of North Carolina.  We were in a far band of her’s so we got rain for two days and wind.  Thankful we were spared and overwhelmed for those in Florida, Georgia, and SC.  I caught a little bit of Hand in Hand (the telethon fundraiser for Texas, Florida, and the Islands) – by the end of the show they had raised 14 million, JJ Watt raised 20+ million for Texas alone, and Tim Duncan had raised 2.2 million for St. Croix and the surrounding area.  With the way our country has been so divided it is amazing how a couple horrific hurricanes can show us most of the crap we view as issues aren’t really a flash in the pan.  I hope we can stay united and get over the petty crap of trying to go backwards instead of forwards.

Work Out Week It has been a good one and a good nutrition week too.  Running, Combat, and Sprint this week make me feel on top of the world.  I’m planning on mixing things up again in a week or two.

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Yard Sale If you’re in my ‘hood tomorrow come on by for a yard sale!  I have four boxes of stuff that need to be someone else’s!  I hate doing solo yard sales considering most people like to hit up the BIG ones.  But don’t judge my little sale!  I have good stuff for CHEAP!

Today I am in the doctor’s office with my kiddos.  They have well child checks today which translates to zero shots for Cammy B and who knows how many for Harper B.  My mom is with me for added support for Harper B – he doesn’t do shots very well.  But really what kid does?

This week’s posts

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Weekend Goals this weekend include: a pretty good yard sale, a grocery trip, planting my mums in containers, cleaning out the car, and lots of football!  Yeah I sound so old but really I don’t even care.

Super excited.. We are SOOO.., looking forward to the weekend!!

See ya Monday!










10 thoughts on “Friday #36”

  1. I’m old with ya love and anything you say or do is worthy so bring on Friday Favs! Oh man how I wish you could come up and help me finagle with shoppers at our moving sale. Still have no idea when that will be, lol!! Good luck and go get your mum on!!! Your weekend pretty much sounds close to mine and that is just the way I like it!! LOVE you!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am right there with you with loving summer but loving routine and fall too. My kids are also loving it! Good luck with your yard sale. I am glad both of your kiddos are liking school this year!

    Liked by 1 person

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