Random Thoughts

Step inside my head.

Hurricanes yuck.  Every time I think I’m a beach person and will just pick up and move there something crappy happens – like hurricanes – and I’m like yeah I’m good.

Date nights. Sometimes Chicfila is a good idea.  We had a few hours last Friday night to get some “us” time in and where did we end up?  CFA.  I was a little disheartened at first because I wanted to go somewhere away from children.  (Mamas get this.) However, I was pleasantly surprised when the CFA offered outdoor seating and no screaming children around!  (Or within hearing distance!)

I visited Gabe’s for the first time.  My feelings are not yet clear on it.  If I had to compare it to anything I would say it’s a step down from Ross – and that’s like beyond the basement, folks.

Another first.  Last weekend I attended my first “rock show” – no not music.  I went to a gem and mineral show.  I could totally spot the pot heads a mile away.  $4.00 spent on rocks for the boy and $5.00 on the girl and they were happy.  Well alrighty then!

Finding the tribe.  There are three couples (we’re one of the three) we have children the same age.  We all like football (but of course I’m the only Pats fan.  What do we do?  What Andy suggests – they want to see me in my fierce football watching state so next weekend we’re getting together for the Pats Saints game.  I imagine they’ll all be wearing gold and black….<eye roll> – But they really want to get together for the Pats Panthers game…bring it y’all.

Kids in pajamas.  My little guy is growing so fast.  His conversation skills are really growing and I’m seeing an even bigger boy emerge.  Then I go buy him some cute little pajamas and see my little sweetie reemerge.  Heart just melts.

Girls with ‘tudes.  And my big girl is so pre-teen it makes me want to hurl.  Like oh my gah.

The house that built me.  Remember that song?  Well the house I finished “growing up” in is gone.  As of Thursday it will be another person’s home.  I’m not sentimental and could care less about the house but the land I will miss.  I actually will miss it kind of bad.  I have a memory I will never forget – I couldn’t sleep and went outside and laid in the grass with our lab – Charlie – and fell asleep with my head on his side.  He’s been dead for years but that memory in the side yard I will never forget.

Life is changes.  From people you thought you were friends with to the house you thought would be “home” forever nothing ever remains steady.  It’s difficult to accept sometimes but it is part of life and boy does it get crazier the older you get!

Football.  My son started his first learning season of flag football – heart melted!  That kid was born to play football and I’m not the only one who thinks it!

Chihuahuas.  The one breed I said I would never own is the breed that has taken my heart and squeezed it so hard it could pop.  As I write this post Brady is curled up beside my son and I just snoozing away.  He’s smart, he’s fun, and he’s just yappy as hell but gah we love him. OK he is actually a chihuahua dachsund so that’s two breeds I have always disliked and now I get this curve ball.

Purchases.  This is a no spend month but on our date night I was freezing so I picked up a sweater and some joggers at the store – oh man am I in love.  I can never stay warm so I bundle up in cute warm outfits when I get the chance to trade my sportswear in

Starbucks.  Those pumpkin cream cheese muffins are worth every damn calorie.  Dunkin Donuts (locally) has said that if NC State wins a football game you get a free coffee.  Well that’s a sure fire way to never have to give anything away.  And that’s my team.  Geez.

Ashley.  Counting down the days to our date – love you beyond measure sister!

Hair day.  It’s coming up very soon and I’m torn – do I trim a couple inches off?  Re shape it?  Do I go a little crazy with the color?  Like any of this matters but c’mon you know it does!

Pumpkin Spice.  On the boat, wagon, etc.  And every time I see it I am reminded of my big sis Andrea and my sweet Beth!

Danielle Steel.  Why am I so into your books?  Thankful Ms. Candy has plenty for me to read!

The job.  I am so blessed to have such fabulous clients they are just fabulous to work with and for.  Lately, I find that when I’m out I will see things that make me say, “____ would love this!” and “______ could rock that out!”  I hit my goal with my job this month and I’m aware of the blessings, thank ya Lord!

Is that enough?  For now!





8 thoughts on “Random Thoughts”

  1. Have I mentioned lately I LOVE YOU!!! You think of me when you see Pumpkin Spice, now my heart just melted like yours when you see Harper B in his jammies…so sweet!! I love the randoms in that brilliant brain of yours!! Can wait to see your guy in action on the filed and I say bring on the football rivalries, your heart belongs to the 100 yards side of your choice and so be it!!! Have a great day lil sis!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OMG you just reminded me I bought some pumpkin spice shredded wheat yesterday. I will eat it and think of you! I have so much else to say. I feel bullet points are needed.

    *My parents are HUGE pats fans FREAKING huge. Their love goes back over 20 years so y’all would get along.

    *Every darn calorie? Can you believe I have never had one. A crime has been committed.

    *Pre-teen tude… I am so afraid of this happening.

    *Love that you have tribe. We have one set of friends but I wish we had at least another.

    Okay… I’ll stop now.

    Liked by 1 person

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