Fall, OK…


I make lists.  That’s my OCD coming out in small ways.  I make lists for everything actually.  So fall is no different.  I won’t go into great detail on all these but thought I would elaborate on a few.  Let’s start with the first one:

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bars - Weight Watchers 2 points!   Look I know that looks sketch but it’s a healthier take on pumpkin bars.  I’m going to play around with it and then if I think it is worthy I shall share.  Otherwise I’ll dump it in the woods for the possums.

Skinny, Weight Watcher's friendly Pumpkin French Toast via Emily Bites #fall #healthy For those mornings when carbs are necessary…this is actually a take on a Weight Watchers recipe.  So like I said before – I shall try and if it’s bad to the woods it goes. (Rural Life)

One, two, skip a few, and we’re at Halloween decor….

Cut (clean) trash bags into oversized spider webs just like you'd cut a holiday snowflake. Let’s be for real – this looks way too in depth for me.  I mean yeah I doubt I seriously do that.  Maybe I should look for something a bit more simple…

Hilarious Skeleton Yard Displays for Halloween Yes, this.  This will happen.  OK maybe…

And we skip a few more…

Love Lego? Make this easy portable DIY Lego table from an old TV stand. You can even have it match your decor. A Lego mat, paint, glue and stencils. Voila! Dearest husband – I found our answer!  Lego control begins NOW!

OK that’s it for now. XO!

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15 thoughts on “Fall, OK…”

  1. Love love love your list!!!! I like trying new pumpkin recipes too, in fact, trying 3 this year for my Pumpkin Palooza Tasty Tuesday!! Hey isn’t that whey your party is called? I’ll link to ya, when it begins next Tuesday! Oh how I would have LOVED to have that tray when the Lego Lovin boys of mine were smaller..that is genius!! and so are you, and beautiful and talented and I could go on and on!! xoxox

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