It Is Well

Sunday mornings are just peaceful.  I don’t always find myself in a church on these mornings and a mighty many will judge me on that one.  Probably (definetly) members of my own family.  But it’s okay because we all have our own lives and we best not be judging anyone on the basis of whether they swoop into a church every time the doors open or not.  Most people I know that do that are looking for their own glory and not to give the glory to the One on the most high.

I am redeemed. I was shattered, broken, and I thought unlovable. My Lord Jesus saw more than my mere...

I like to reflect on Sunday mornings.  Generally, alone.  I look back at what bothered me during the week.  Often times it is little things – my husband didn’t focus much on us and I in turn had hard feelings towards him; my son’s preschool isn’t offering him the opportunities I feel like he needs at this stage in the game; I thought the lack of communication by a person I considered a friend was just busy-ness but it turned out to be a total snub.

"What is done in love is done well." - Vincent Van Gogh #MyDomaineQuotes

I also look back on the happy stuff from the week.  My daughter is loving school.  Her brother does too.  Talking and emailing and texting with my bestie (we even got some FT in!)  Meeting new people.  Getting my exercise time in.  The return of football.

"Let every situation be what it is..."

On Sundays I take the time to pray through the things that bothered me and to be totally, purely thankful for all the goodness in my life.  Then I take time to ask for help for the week ahead – praying for those flooded in Texas, the ones in the path of Irma; praying for another healthy and happy week at the kids schools and in their lives; focusing in making the work week extra productive and fun; football; work outs; and asking for all the tools I need to get two kids through two appointments this week that will entail immunizations.

Yes. I know it's hard but it really is a choice even when life stinks.  But please try to choose happiness because the people who love you also want you to be happy.

Then I say thank you – for those two kids, that husband, this old house, the ability to have medical care that’s just preventative at our finger tips, work, good friends, health, football, and to be able to rest assured that He hears me and will continue to carry us.

It is well with my soul




3 thoughts on “It Is Well”

  1. Hi friend! This is beautiful. I get more spirituality and grace and whatnot from a sunday afternoon in my backyard with a cup of coffee that I ever did when I used to got to church so no judgment here! Be ready for comment overload, I’ve missed you this week!

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