Friday #35


Let’s just start.

Last weekend we partied for Cammy B’s 10th birthday.

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My husband finished the dining table and bench he has been working on.  There is another table in the making to be sold after this one.

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I may have decorated for fall.  There is no stopping it so embrace it!

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My "fall" splurge! @michaelsstores 60%off today!!!!

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Labor Day brought our last visit (forever) to Nana’s pool.  She will be moving on 9/15.

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I was STOKED to finally put up my flag!!!  (Have you seen Gronk’s latest Tide commercial?)

This dude started his last year of preschool on Tuesday.

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Then he started his first year of flag football Tuesday night!

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The calendar says fall starts the 22nd.  According to mother nature fall started in my corner of NC on Wednesday when the high was a remarkable 62 degrees and it rained all friggin day.  After work I came home and caught up on Real Housewives of Dallas and sipped coffee.  Then it was time to get my work out on.  I’m falling out of love with Combat but doing it anyway.

Well Irma is coming to see us.  That’s all I will say about that.  Monday & Tuesday of next week are looking down right soggy and gross.  I just hope the wind stays away – we have pine trees that can transform to toothpicks in a snap – get what I did there? There is no water to be found in any store and shelves were getting a little bare – I never go crazy like that I imagine one day I’ll regret it.  I have some books to read so I should be good if I have to not do anything for a day.

On Thursdays we cycle.

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My hot date #cycle #lesmillssprint #youcandoittoo #sweatitout

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And we watch the Patriots to only fall asleep because getting up at 5am kicks your butt.  When we wake up to see that Kansas City beat the Patriots we get disheartened and also glad we fell asleep.  It’s ok I’m not a sore loser next week just means it’s time to get the W.

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And the haters will hate.

So it’s Friday and I’m working today and tomorrow but I’m still gonna smile big because I have Sunday totally off.  Woo hoo!  I hope you have a great weekend. (Maybe the Panthers can actually win a game this weekend?)






11 thoughts on “Friday #35”

  1. I LOVE Gronk! Gronk and Tide…that’s a great commercial. 🙂 Just a big weirdo over here. I love that table, and so glad that Cammy B enjoyed her birthday. Love that pillow! I need to start pulling my fall stuff out.

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  2. And how I love that smile on your face sweet sister and your positivity! But I am so ticked off about the Patriots loss as well as we fell sleep too. What the H? I do hope you get a day to read, that might be just the ticket! Stay safe my friend, don’t work too hard although I know you will and have a sweet weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Stay safe, Girl, as you get ready for Irma. Stephanie’s dad has decided to stay in Orlando to ride it out. I love that Fall pillow and soo need it in my life! Send your cooler temps to us in Louisiana! But not the rain.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Your hubbies tables are BEAUTIFUL!!!! I was telling Russ the other day that I want him to build me something similar eventually. I think our current table may look a little short in the dining space at the soon to be house.

    Liked by 1 person

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