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They said SOUP (Part 2)

I wanted to write this post because this woman I’m sharing from is da bomb dot com (dating myself) when it comes to low carb masterpieces in the kitchen!

Missy is out in Louisiana and she’s doing this stupid lawyer thing when she should be writing cookbooks or on The Food Network.  (If that happens, can I just sit in the kitchen and sip wine and add in random comments as you cook?)

Anyway – I have so many of her recipes saved and have tried lots and LOVE them all!

Since a lot of you connected with me on loving soup I HAD to share two of her favorites that she re-shared me with me.


Missy’s Low Carb Buffalo Chicken Soup

Missy & I both do the low carb thing because we are women of a certain age and we’re cool like that.  When I can find low carb recipes that the whole family loves then I consider it major scorage.  This is right up our alley.  We all love some buffalo chicken!


Missy’s Brisket Cabbage Soup

How the heck did I miss this one?  I know a lot of people turn their noses up at cabbage and for that they should be taken out and beat with a wet noodle.  Cabbage is a power house and brings a flavor that cannot be whipped!  This has yet to be made in my kitchen but I am quickly changing that.

So today I am giving you homework –

  1.  Go visit Missy and tell her Amanda sent you over – Click here!
  2.  Make one of these soups!

& my daddy is an awesome cook. (:






10 thoughts on “They said SOUP (Part 2)”

  1. We have these dishes from my Meme’s! 🙂 I love soup…and I did do the cabbage soup diet back in the 90’s if I’m being honest. Going to check her out!

    Liked by 1 person

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