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My favorite seasonal quote is the one from The Great Gatsby below, “life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” While autumn doesn’t officially start until next week, it has gotten crisp in New York. Not only is everyone happy to no longer be sweating but they are also happy to […]

Time for Currently! with Anne In Residence-

Birthday season just wrapped up in our home.  We celebrated our son’s fifth birthday and daughter’s tenth birthdays a week apart.  Now it is time to deck the halls with pumpkins, leaves, and the smell of cinnamon everywhere, right?

Stunning fall color along the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina - looking at Second Falls at Graveyard Fields

Fall means television show season premiers.  I remember when new shows would pop up the week after Labor Day but it seems now the networks are waiting until fall really hits.  Our favorite shows:  This Is Us, The Goldbergs, American Housewife, The Middle, Speechless are set to return the 26th and 27th of this month and I have my blanket and coffee er wine ready to go!  Add this to my watching list:  This fall I’m planning on taking time to really take in the change in foliage in our mountains.  North Carolina is known for it’s amazing autumnal colors and since I’m just an hour away from it all I should take advantage of it.  I enjoy watching the trees change on my daily drive to work – everything goes from so lush and green to a rainbow of rich tones.  I love to see those colors and am always saddened when the trees are bare.  #winterisnotmyfriend

Photo #fitness

Since the seasons are changing things around here are too.  My husband recently accepted a second job and though we may not be welcoming it (per say) we are welcoming whatever relief it can bring during this hectic (financially speaking) time of year.  We’re also super happy to welcome football season back!  Ahhh nothing better than a good Thursday, Sunday, or Monday night game!  Go Pats!

Whiskey Barrel Decorate For Fall Using Mums, Pumpkins, and Kale with a Small Solar Landscape Light to Show it All Off at Night

Preparations are being made for our Pumpkin Palooza party in October.  We’re also starting to get ready to bring out the fall decor around the house.  It won’t be too long before we’ll be making our closets ready for a few more cooler temperature clothes (all packed away.)  Oh and another yard sale is in the works.  My mom is moving next week so we’re also going to spend this coming Saturday getting her ready to leave the house I considered home behind.  That is bittersweet.  And finally – time to prep the flower beds and flower pots for lots and lots of mums and violas!

Bei den Herbsttagen gibt es nichts schöneres als das Farbspiel der Blätter zu betrachten und festzuhalten.  #vintage #camera

So I’m not a photographer by any means.  I own an iPhone which serves as my camera and I also own a new take on the old school Polaroid.  But one thing I hope to do is take more photos this month of our kids, home, and whatever we get into on the daily.  I always am the one to forget to pull up the camera app.  Maybe this month I can be more intentional on photos!  And heck even print them!

Reading, reading, reading. (With Heather and the gang!)

Last month I read a Danielle Steel novel.  I have never in my life read any of the mother-of-chick-lit’s books before.  This one was offered up to me by one of my clients and I ended up borrowing three of the DS novels.

I read Betrayal and it was good!  I knew what was going to happen but I enjoyed the book.

Image result for danielle steel betrayal
Click here to read a teaser of this book from Amazon.

I have a feeling that I will not care too much for her books after I read the next two I have – Country and Prodigal Son.  I’m just really expecting her books to be like Nicholas Sparks’ and be very redundant but who knows!

Have you read Danielle Steel?  Are you a fan?  Have you read any of the ones mentioned?



14 thoughts on “Currently & Book Nerd”

  1. I used to be so good about printing photos but since I stopped scrapbooking, major fail. I am giddy with excitement for TV shows to come back!!! I used to covent the FALL PREVIEW TV GUIDE!!! HAVE a super awesome day you super AWESOME gal pal!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I cannot wait for This is Us to start back! I don’t have cable or a DVR so I have to catch it while I can. I was watching Blackish for the first time in awhile last night and was so excited for all the commercials about TV starting back! I have never read Danielle Steel, my grandmother always did and I wonder where all her books went. We pretty much do not have fall here so I am excited to travel soon and see it other places! Have a great day friend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Come on to NC. Today it is 60 degrees, raining, and grey – that’s pretty much fall. Hahaha! No normally its about 75 and our state has some amazing color in the fall. It’s crazy. Just google up NC Blue Ridge Parkway Fall and see what we have. Truly stunning. Blackish is HILARIOUS. xo


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