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STOP doing this one thing!


I come in peace today.  I know I’m about to get a lot of crap thrown at me.  I have one morsel of advice on this Tuesday and actually it’s not just to you but to me first and foremost.


In the past month I have been working out nearly back to my regular schedule from the spring.  Yes, it makes me hungry but 80% of the time it doesn’t.  I eat smart before work outs (carb/protein) and drink plenty of water before, during, and after the work out.

Most days I leave my work out wanting more water or black coffee.  I don’t leave it starving.

So why in the hell did I work out one evening and come home to make my hungry husband a meal and then feel like I should eat too?  When I was NOT hungry in the smallest bit?  When my body was appropriately fueled up and not out of energy to burn?

Because I’m stupid.

Because I want to make shedding some extra fluff a little more difficult.

Because humans – though top of the food chain – are not the smartest when it comes to the simplest tasks.

I tried to identify the times I eat that I do not need to.  This is what I have found:

  1.  When the kids are with me after a work out.  The kids assimilate leaving the gym with getting a treat.  I normally just shell out two bucks and get them slushies.  But sometimes I’ll let the sights and smells lure me in and I will take advantage of the post work out burn to eat something I do not want.  Hi, I’m Amanda and that makes me stupid.
  2. While working.  Some of my clients leave me treats and I feel like I have to try it right then and there and if it’s good I better eat it all.  <shakes head with eyes closed> So, so, so dumb.  I know just as sure as I breathe I can slide it in my bag and text them up after I’m hungry and have tried it.  Most of my clients leave the stuff and go to work!!!  What do I think?  They are watching me from somewhere – “Oh look!!!  Amanda ate it!  Look at her face! Did she like it?  If she didn’t we are firing her!”  Ridiculous.
  3. Dinner.  I know, guys.  You are supposed to eat dinner.  However, I can be honest with you and tell you sometimes dinner isn’t necessary for this girl.  I make sure to eat breakfast, I have a mid-morning snack, and I always eat lunch.  A snack before the evening work out and generally I’m set on food for the day.  However, I do not live alone.  I have two children who must have dinner and sometimes that dinner is twenty minutes after they just had what I thought I fed them for dinner.  And I have a husband who is hungry or says he is for dinner.  I may not have an ounce of space in me that wants to eat because I’m fueled up but what do I do?  I eat too.  Then I feel like total crap.

Food is not what you think it is.

Food is not a true comforter.  Those who are comforted by food generally have BIG problems.

Food is not a lover.  See what I wrote about comforter.

Food is fuel.  Fuel makes your body function.  But just like your car, truck, SUV – it has a tank and that tank can only hold so much before it will cause your life to, well, blow up.

When we gas up our cars, most of us look at the price first, right?  If gas is on the higher end that week we sigh, shake our heads, and swipe the card and start.  Well we need to look at our own “fuel intake” the same way.  Except we need to really evaluate the cost.  If we eat when we are not hungry we are wasting fuel.  We are wasting our money.  We are wasting our time.  That excess fuel isn’t going to go anywhere necessary and instead be turned into something called fat.  (I imagine our cars would just refuse to take it and it would run down the side of the vehicle…and then someone flicks a cigarettes and well you get the drift…)

Standing around after work or school mindlessly munching with your coworkers or kids is fueling up for the wrong reason.

Eating the extra donuts because Billie Sue Hoo brought them to the office for a Monday perk me up (and you already had breakfast…) is putting gas into a tank that is already full.

Not being hungry for a big meal and ordering four courses is a deposit into the bank of Work Harder To Get More Off.

Stop eating when you are not truly hungry.  Food is not super happy fun time – food is fuel.  Even tacos.



10 thoughts on “STOP doing this one thing!”

  1. Oh man this is HUGE. My two struggles with this are #1 knowing when to stop eating. Sooner is better than later. Why do I overeat and #2 snacking. I have been trying to snack more wisely lately as well as less. Sometimes when I think I am hungry I realize I am just bored and go for some water.

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