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A Summer Girl’s Hello To Fall

The summer girl in me has a hard time when the lazy days of her favorite time of year start winding down.  It is just difficult every single year to see the summer wrap up and move out.  After reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin over the summer I am reminded to see the happiness in what has been, what is, and what is yet to come.

It is easy to wallow in sadness over the closing of another chapter.  In this case it is the closing of my thirty-fifth summer.  Thirty-fifth.  Wow.  Another year of humidity, sunny days by the pool, flip flop feet, watermelon, and long warm nights on the porch…wrapped up.

But I’m not going to let my heartache over sweet summer time steal the joy that is yet to come.  No, not this year.  I vowed to enjoy summer til the very end and I have.  So now I share with you the list of joys I look forward to for the fall.

  1.  Routine – School is back in session for my kids and that means routine is back in action.  The summer allowed for laziness and a carefree attitude.  It was fabulous but the type a in me says yipppeeee to the return of bedtimes, wake up times, daily routines, exercise schedules that rock out.  I appreciate you dear schedule.
  2. Football – I am a die hard Patriot fan and I miss my boys from March-August.  I miss them deeply.  Heck, I miss all of football even the teams I cannot stand (looking at you Pittsburgh!) This year is even more special as my son begins his first season of flag football!  I appreciate you Sunday, Monday, and Thursday nights for the best sport known to man returning to my screen.  Hey maybe I’ll catch another college game or two!
  3. Hiking – We have been loving hiking the mountains and I really look forward to seeing the warm colors of fall as we climb up, up, up and run down the trails.
  4. Pumpkin palooza – Yes I like a PSL here and there (a little too sweet though) and I adore pumpkin foods (dammit carbs) but what I really mean by this is our pumpkin party.  Last year we started hosting our friends for a fun night of eating, drinking, and Pinterest inspired carving while the kids ran around playing and painting their pumpkins.  This year I’m very excited about hosting again!
  5. Cool nights.  I love my southern heat because I tend to freeze my butt off when the temperatures drop below 80 degrees.  The weird catch is I also really adore a cool night where I can slide on a hoodie and sit by a fire and sip whatever may be in my cup with my husband and good friends.

So yes the smell of coconut is being replaced with that of baked apples and burning leaves but by focusing on the things that make me truly happy about the change from favorite to second favorite I think I can make it just fine.

I can't wait for Fall

xo my pumpkin lattes –


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