Love or Hate School?

I loved fourth grade, middle school, and college.  I hated everything else.  I had one teacher in first grade who was the meanest bitch to walk the earth.  No TA liked me because I didn’t have an older sibling to compare to or I didn’t seem to have any money that they could suck up to.  In high school — I just did not care.  You could tell if you were to look at my GPA.  College was da bomb dot com.  I really came out of my shell and loved every part of classroom to socializing to well – everything!

Start month –

Y’all know where I’m from – August start date honey.

Eager Beaver or Slow Poke –

IF I could sleep the night before school started I would have probably slept all day.  But I was so anxious I rarely if ever slept the night before so I was up but not as an eager beaver.

Favorite Breakfast –

My favorite breakfast – this makes me want to laugh – after I could drive I would go to McDonald’s and get an Egg McMuffin.  Before that I ate Raisin Bran because my Mom-o groomed me to love it.  Now I won’t touch it!

Favorite Cereal –

So I answered this question up there.  But in 2017 I never eat cereal.  If I do its Rice Crispies with bananas and or peaches mixed in.

Uniforms –

We did not have uniforms.  We had cool things like shoulder pads and block color prints.

New Outfit –

ALWAYS had a new outfit for school.  I remember early grades they were appropriate (it’s generally 90 on the first day of school) for the weather.  Then as you got older and the fall clothing was out on August 1st for back to school you would wear the most inappropriate due to the weather clothes possible – because it was new!!!

School Transportation –

Elementary school I was able to walk to school because though I went to one of the most rural schools in our county my grandparents lived across the road from it.  Middle school meant riding with my Mammaw to school (she was a lunch lady!).  In high school, freshman year, I rode with a selection of upperclassmen to school and took the bus into town in the afternoon where my Mammaw would pick me up after I got a snack with my friend Rebecca. The next year I could drive because I had an early birthday!

Book bag, tote, messenger bags –

I carried a tote to kindergarten, a book bag for all but one year of middle school when I rocked a messenger bag.  I hated the messenger bag but thought it was cool.

Pack or School Lunch –

Did you read I had a mammaw who was a lunch lady?  You better believe I ate school lunch!  You also need to know back then school lunch (especially elementary) was amazing and every bit of it was homemade!  A total plus for us southern babies.

Milk cartons & Milk choice –

Um my kid still has the little milk cartons at her school.  So what about it? White milk.

Something about lunch boxes –

This is not applicable to me.

Recess –

Recess – oh the memories!  We had the old school steel and wood (actually I think it was railroad cross ties) with metal monkey bars and slides and a tunnel or two.  The jungle gym was always full so I remember my friends and I running around.  I guess we were playing tag?  When you had a really cool teacher you just hung out with them.  I know now they wanted us to all leave them the hell alone but I remember being part of a cluster that just loved our good teachers!!!  One big memory was a guy in a grade ahead of me who would walk around singing oldies to the girls – we thought he was a real ladies man.  Yes we were wrong – he ended up being one heck of a caterer and dog treat maker and ladies he doesn’t care too much for!  But every time I see him (he moved so it isn’t often) I remember him singing oldies on the playground!

Back To School Supply Items Most Treasured –

Trapper Keeper.  Do I really need to say more?  Lisa Frank notebooks and pencils too!

Chalk or White Board –

Chalkboards were the norm until I was in high school.  I am old.  I remember getting excited to be the kid picked to beat the erasers outside on the brick!

Lead or Mechanical Pencils –

We did use mechanical pencils.  The lead always broke but I’ll take mechanical over those tiny nub pencils kid use now.  Ugh after so many sharpenings LET IT GO!

When did you do your homework –

I hated homework so I put it off until late.  Sometimes I didn’t do it at all and copied someone else’s work the next day.  I decided to be honest today.

After school snack –

After school in elementary school I loved it when my Mom-o fixed us ice cream cones IF she had good ice cream.  In middle school my friends and I would walk to the sweet shop.  When I had my license Cheerwine Slush from the gas station.

After school television –

After school we watched sixties and seventies sitcoms.  Not kidding.  I never watched an After School Special because my Mom-o thought they were inappropriate (unlike Guiding Light.)  In high school I worked so I didn’t watch tv after school.  Oh and there was no DVR so by this point, if you are under 30, you are probably lost.

Favorite Subject – 

English.  I rocked it out and never had to apply myself.  I guess I was millennial before millennial was a term.  BOO YA!

Subject hatred –

I effing hated math.

High School Besties


Mascot Type –

Mascot type?  As in what was the mascot?  A War Eagle I guess like Auburn.  We were called the Great Pumpkins because our colors were/are orange and black.


SAT – I SAT for that test.  What’s the score you got for writing your name?  Yeah – that’s me!

Favorite year of school –

The year I graduated from the crap.

Class ring –

I had one and traded it for cash.  Bahahaha not kidding!

Class reunions –

They have tried to do a class reunion two times that I heard of but none of us cared to do that.  I think that in the age of technology the idea is obsolete.  Besides – don’t you keep up with your friends that you want to keep up with?  Just my thoughts.

xo – Happy Labor Day – xo






12 thoughts on “School…”

  1. LOVED this to pieces, too funny we both sold our class rings for cash..I have never regretted that. I liked school but I sure am glad those days are over. College was where it’s at for me too. Hope you had a great weekend and Miss Cammy B lived it up!! Love ya girl, xo Enjoy your day!!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Love this and I’m stealing it!!
    I love that your mammaw wouldn’t let you watch after school specials but she let you watch Guiding Light! LOLOLOL. My Grandma is the one who introduced me to Days of our Lives and I still watch it to this day!

    Liked by 1 person

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