Friday #34 – The One That Began September!

Remember these?


1 – Rocking that one out.  Most weeks I managed three to four visits.  I started back running and getting in plenty of eliptical time (y’alls most favorite hahaha) and moved back to Combat class.  My fabulous work out buddy Elizabeth even talked me into trying a spin class that I quickly became addicted to.  And did someone say Tai Chi?

2 – Vacation was August 12th-15th.  I love August vacations because (to me) it’s the perfect way to end the summer vacation.  For two years we have been going in mid August and it makes the transition from summer to school so much easier.  Our vacation post (short and sweet) is here if you’re interested.

3 – Planned birthday parties and hosted one.  Yep, I’m 3 for 3 right now.

4 – Oh did I sort!  I sorted my daughter’s clothes; she didn’t have much.  I sorted my son’s.  I even sold most of them off so a yard sale with my participation will probably consist of more housewares and grown up clothing than kid stuff.

5 – September’s schedule is finalized.  Since I had to change my plans and not return to taking any classes this fall I went ahead and went full tilt with my business.  Yay!

6 – We declined Fantasy Football this year.  Too much $ to blow on that so I will enjoy my football without a computer of fake teams in front of me.

7 – I happened to have some blank cards in my possession!  I am using them for now.  Work out buddy, Elizabeth, had a birthday in August and I surprised her with a card and a bag of work out essentials (protein bar, chap stick, bath soak, etc.)  It was super fun to surprise her! *I’m collecting addresses and birthdays so you know what you need to do.*

8.  No spend September.  As of the second of the month I will not be spending on anything but gas and groceries.  August and December tend to mimic one another with so much crap to purchase (school supplies, birthday stuff, school fees, etc.) I want September to be a month that we don’t buy a single thing that isn’t necessary and the way I view it we need gas to get to work/school/etc and food is kind of a staple LOL!  And yes…this didn’t make the graphic.



A few pictures to sum my week up –

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All hands on deck tonight!!!

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Tuesday 6:50pm – he was OUT.

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My "fall" splurge! @michaelsstores 60%off today!!!!

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School started!  One week down and 39ish more to go.  Cammy B. is having a terrific time being back in school and that is great.  Seeing her back in swim was great!  She was all smiles in the water.

Harper B had preschool open house.  This is his last year of preschool and it makes my heart a little sad but also excited for him at the same time.  All his buds started kindergarten this week so he is slightly confused at the idea of another year of preschool but sometimes mama knows when her baby needs an extra year of the other stuff!

After a great birthday party we are covered in Legos!  Lots of building going on here of the tiny assortment.

Work, work outs, and maintaining the household mean the need for lots and lots of coffee.  My cup is normally holding pumpkin spice now.

And here we are at Friday….cheers to a long weekend and celebrating Cammy B’s big number ten.  Tomorrow morning after working out and picking up the birthday cake I’ll be getting all ready for a house full of tweens for a celebration sleep over.  I also have staging a new farm house table my husband built for eager buyers on my agenda, and a trip to the park.

Enjoy your weekend – the last of summer – and as I type this it is 55 degrees in my little part of North Carolina….eeeek!

Make it a September to remember



10 thoughts on “Friday #34 – The One That Began September!”

  1. Woah! 55 in NC?! That sounds like KY. And I am loving it. I wish we could vacate in mud to late august but school is already back in full swing. We usually go mid to late June. I’m really starting to think a fall vacation sounds good too! I hear ya on a no spend September!! And I hope the big ten party goes beautifully! Have a great weekend!

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    1. Yes – this is crazy and it is still 55 but they say we will get to 80 today. We haven’t did that in a couple days. School starts back here the last week of August so we can take off for a trip in the middle. Enjoy this last weekend as much as you can before you are holding your sweetie!


  2. I love your Farners Market pillow! I just made what I call a Farmers Market salad from fruits and veggies from our local Farmers Market. My heart is happy knowing you had such a great week and woohoo sleepover paaaarytay at the B’s!!! I wish I could come down in my Jammie’s and have a girly night with you all. I bet all the girls LOVE Mrs. B!! xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lego’s…AHHH! We just throw ours in a bin and I pray my foot never finds them! 🙂 August is such an expensive month for us too. I love the idea of no spend September. Hope the party goes great! I know it will! 10 is such a big milestone!

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