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They said SOUP

Last week I was covering for my fabulous mamaw who isn’t really my mamaw.  She keeps two little grandkids and needed me to come out and watch them for her to run to an appointment.  It was a typical August day – hot and steamy.  She had made lunch and it was chicken soup.

Since becoming a bit more mature (I would say around age 14ish) I had discontinued soup during the summer.  Yes, growing up chicken soup was a year round staple at my Mom-o’s house but I just didn’t see it necessary for the hot months.  I love a good gazpacho (though I never make it) and am known to eat soupy salsa from the jar with a spoon.  However, hot soup?  On a ninety degree day?  No.

Then I took a bit of soup and I was like, “Oh soup I miss you.”  I ran the idea of soup in the summer by my husband and he said, “I’ll eat soup anytime.”

Ten years of marriage and he tells me now.

So I’m ready to up my soup game earlier this year.

To give Taco Tuesday a break….

Amazing Skinny Chicken Fajita Soup Recipe - Low Fat, Gluten Free, & Low Carb Option!

Chicken & Mushroom Soup

Italian Wedding Soup is one of my most favorite soups of all time.

This beloved, traditional Italian Wedding Soup gets a low carb makeover with fabulously delicious results!

I only cook clean (since last winter!) So this one is totally going to be made soon!

You won't believe the flavor in this easy-to-make Tuscan Vegetable Soup! Who knew healthy could taste so good?! This healthy soup is gluten-free, vegetarian, clean-eating and low carb. The best part? Is it SO GOOD!

Now it’s your turn.  What is your favorite healthy/low carb soup?





14 thoughts on “They said SOUP”

  1. Oh girl, you know the way to my heart, I just love soups! My favorite low-carb that I make is my white chicken chili where I mash the white beans to make it thicker. I hope you have a terrific and tasty Thursday!


  2. Haha! I just can’t do soup in the summer either. I think a huge part of that is Russ being hot most of the day at work… or maybe the idea of swimming and soup just don’t mix? However, as soon as we have the slightest dip in temps, it is ON!!!!


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