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What’s Up Wednesday (August!)


School is back in session…

What are we eating?  I’m on carb detox this week so I’m eating a lot of lean meat, fruit and veggies (limited due to carb load.)  I have plans to make tacos, spaghetti *not for me*, chicken/corn/black bean skillet, chicken kabobs, and burgers.  Doing the carb free thing means I eat taco salad, I skip spaghetti for a better option, I can do the skillet but I try to put less corn in my bowl, kabobs aren’t a problem, and burger sans the bun. 🙂 Easy!

I am not reminsicing about anything.  I’m just in survival mode LOL!  I mean the first week of back to school means we have to have time to readjust and figure out this whole new school year thing.  Even though we are pros at it (this is year five) it’s still and adjustment period since summer is just so dang sweet.

Loving birthday season!  My son turned five last week and my daughter is about to turn ten. Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing, people sitting, child and shoes

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, child

Speaking of that we have been up to having birthday celebrations!  Last weekend my son had a big birthday party at the park.  I had invited around 45 people (this isn’t normal for me) because I felt like one whole hand of years needed to be super celebrated.  We went old school with the party – it was at the park so the kids could run and play and the parents could sit around and shoot the spit, and I offered cake and chips and juiceboxes.  Two hours of relaxed fun for the kids and awkward joy for the adults (I swear I hate kids parties when I really know no one there…I tried to invite groups of people who had a connection a.k.a. playdate group/family group/friends of family group.)  The party ended up being a huge success everyone was comfortable and knew one another and we just had a great time chatting it up!

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, child, ocean, outdoor and water

On the USS North Carolina – I have seen it all!  Bullard, Texas; Bullard Realty; Bullard Seafood; Bullard Machine & Tool in Bridgeport, CT (circa 1930 something…)
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, sunglasses, sky, mountain, outdoor, nature, closeup and water
In Blowing Rock, NC – our favorite!

August was also beach trip month.  We enjoyed a short trip to Carolina Beach, NC.  Since NC rocks so dang much we’ve been hiking a lot in the mountains.  Its a fabulous (free) family fun time.

Image may contain: people sitting, table and indoor

I’m dreading fall at my husband’s work.  Last fall was terrible since he had to work six to seven days a week and then spent any extra time away in his shop. This fall they are projected to have barely any work.  He has been active in his workshop making farm dining tables for customers.

Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting, child and outdoor
Doing what she loves – reading.  She amazes me every day.

I’m working on getting my daughter’s small birthday party thrown together right now.  She is turning 10 and we’re having four friends over to have a slumber party with.  I need some good activity ideas.  Her best friend said we need to have a water balloon fight!

Great job Brady!! Going all the way to win against Manning!! We knew it was always true!! 11/24/2013!!!

I’m excited about football season!  September 7th my Patriots are opening the season and I cannot wait!!!  Major bummer that Julian Edelman is out due to a torn ACL from the third preseason game.  College kicks off 9/2 and I’m not a fan of Alabama or FSU but I will pull for FSU because I follow the anybody but Alabama rule.  (Also I follow the ABC – anybody but Carolina – rule too.)  Ooohhhh hate me, I don’t care!

Friends from College

So guys, I fell in love with Friends From College on Netflix this month.  I binge watched it and cannot wait for the next season.  I kept saying, “I found Fred Savage!” every time an episode came on.  If you’re 35-45 you will LOVE this show.

You know I’m a Housewives junkie so yes I am watching OC & Dallas.  I’m also all about Younger (best show ever on cable!) and Odd Mom Out.

Life In Pieces (CBS and or Netflix) is also a major favorite of my husband’s and myself.  I laugh from start to stop on that show!

I tried to watch Wentworth but couldn’t.  Ugh. Gross.

Admitting:  I read my first Danielle Steel novel while we were at the beach.  Betrayal was the name of that one.  I swear she should sue Nick Sparks because I felt like I was reading one of his books and I know he came way after that mama of chicklit.  When I run I’m listening to Lysa T’s Uninvited.  Since it came out that her husband has been cheating on her through their entire marriage I’m looking at her a little sideways and wondering about the issues she constantly talks about.  How did she write these healing books while never really healing herself?  And why did she paint this pretty picture when her husband is an addict and cheat?  I love her to pieces but I’m not into fake paintings.  If you’re going to be real then….be real.

I am listening to….random “stations” on Amazon.  I kicked it back to high school (1996-2000) with one station and I was oh so happy listening to it.

This weekend I’m celebrating Cammy B’s #10 – my child is a decade old what the hell?!  Oh yeah and it’s Labor Day!

September – I hope you bring more hiking trips, good football, fun football for our little man, a great start to fourth grade to our little lady, some fun festivals as summer totally winds down and harvest starts, good tv, and me rocking my sugar detox.





13 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday (August!)”

  1. Rock that sugar detox girlfriend!!! I will after I have one more Mrs. Thinsters cookie, lol!! Oh my goodness, Cammy B going into double digits!! I bet I would like Friends from College. Ah The Wonder Years!! Hope this day is magnificent for you, you glorious sweetie pie!!

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  2. A decade old, woot! Any big plans to celebrate. That is going to be a big one for us next summer and I am already sad and excited at the same time. You are so brave to carb detox too. I have NEVER done that and I am not so sure that I could pull it off, just keeping it real. I love carbs like no other. The hubby’s tables look AMAZING! I’ll pray things pick up work wise.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you for the musical trip down memory lane, Mazzy star and the Sundays, my faves! happy 10 to Cammy B.! They grow up so fast! I am on a severe carb detox too, but I cheated today because the only lunch option at continuing education was pizza. I will be better tonight, just chicken and squash!

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