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Healthy Girl: Try It.


One thing I can share with you about exercising today is that we are not all created to do the same type of work out.

Fad exercises are just as insane as fad diets.  And I, my friends, have fell into fad exercises time and time again.  When I started regularly exercising around age 19 I loved the weight room.  I did stair climbers, elliptical, and some lifting.  In college I shifted to running and it was my favorite thing to do in the world because I could experience runner’s high and leave the world for a little while.  One time I was running in Greensboro, NC and seriously had no clue how I had gone so far (and wound up in a neighborhood I didn’t know at all because my mind was just free to be!)  After I had my first child I got into the Zumba rage and was doing it up to four times a week.  Then I transitioned back to weights and running.

Different types of exercise are considered “trendy” at different times.  I remember when running was nothing spectacular.  Now there are stores solely devoted to it.  There are clothing lines that are built around it.

Everything you need to know about zumba This meme I made captures what I feel and cant express in words. Lol

Zumba was probably the trendiest little work out I ever did.  It was fun in that – I’m too old for the club but love to dance – kind of way.  Unfortunately, zumba is not something I really care for anymore.  It was a fun way to get back into fitness but there are a couple things I dislike that zumba is all about choreography and choreography.  Yeah no not this girl.

Finding your center in meditation!  Lol

Pilates/Yoga aren’t trendy but trendy styles of them show up from time to time.  Hot yoga, cold yoga, dark yoga, dog yoga, goat yoga, naked yoga, dance yoga (what the what?)

We can go on and on but let’s move this post forward.

Through trying different methods of exercise I have been able to identify exactly what I want, need, and like in a work out.  I know I do not care to feel like I’m dancing.  I like my movements to be methodical and intentional and a challenge.

My dance style ranges from white dad at a barbeque to stripper whose rent is due tomorrow.

Dance based exercise does not work for me.   And I hate choreography.  I suck at choreography. Did I mention that?

That is so fitting for today's CrossFit workout!!!

I also need high intensity interval training.  Tabata has been the best thing to happen to me in ages as far as work outs go.  I like pushing myself to the max for 30, 60, or 90 seconds – feeling like I cannot go on any more, and then doing it all over again for a optimal thirty minute work out.

A recipe for a good workout for me is:

Sweat, lots of it

Force, make those muscles shake

Challenge, nothing is easy that works

I'm all woman!!

I challenge you to identify your workout preference.  If you walk then that’s great but maybe you need to do more for yourself.  If you’re under 85 I suggest you do more than walk.  But hey that’s me and I share classes with a 70 year old who runs 10 miles a day, lifts, and cycles.  If you jog maybe it’s time to add a sprint.  Lifting can be really fun and totally necessary ladies!  Our bones begin deterioration in mid life and lifting can help make them stronger.

Start of something new....

I also challenge you to step out of your box.  I had said a few years ago I would never cycle.  I hate bikes.  I hate the seat and the idea of pedaling.  It “bored me.”  Then a few weeks ago my friend Elizabeth expressed interest in a cycle class.  I had told her, “I don’t do bikes.”  But she was in that fresh and ready to go work out zone and I didn’t want to stifle her so I said, let’s do it.

Love,  your spin bike.

I took one class and was hooked.  I still hate the bike, the seat, the whole freaking thing but when I’m pushing that heavy load up the hill I feel like a million (dying) dollars and it makes it worth it.

My goal with this post today is to challenge you to find your exercise match.  Find your passion that makes you want to be healthier inside and out.  An exercise that challenges your mind and body and gives you what you need – the feeling of accomplishment.

My Current Work Out Schedule

Mondays – running/elliptical  running shoes sketch - Google Search

Wednesdays – Les Mills Combat (I suck at it but its fun – its a mix of martial arts so there is some choreography thus making me suck at it) Stay With The Fight with Les Mills Combat! #orangecountyrealtor #jeffforhomes #ilovecardio

Thursdays – Les Mills Sprint (HIIT Cycle) Les Mills HIIT & based on cycle sprinting! I taught a 40 minute HIIT class Tuesday evening -this indoor cycling class provided maximum results!! The best part -we continued burning calories after we had finished!!!!

Saturdays – running/elliptical running shoes sketch - Google Search

Days off:  Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday

Lucky Duck Lifestyles Fitness Training and Healthy Lifestyle Consultants. Tabata style cardio endurance and core strength training for the working woman.

Be inspired – get sweaty!







12 thoughts on “Healthy Girl: Try It.”

  1. I love your workout mix, I love your motivation, I love you!! Now I want to try spinning, see what a good influencer your are lil sis!!! I’m a bad influence, I’m over posting sweets today. xoxoxo

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love it. I have never been much of a trendy girl either. I think I took like 2 zumba classes and never went back. Actually I have always been an anti class kind of gal but mostly because my schedule/gym of choice never worked out. Lately I have been doing stupid long runs once a week and lots of hill walking on a dreadmill between. I actually think its helping with my running too. I could probably keep going but I’ll stop now :P.


    1. I cannot send you a naked photo. Seriously that’s my motivation. I gross myself out and that’s what I need!!! I don’t want to be fat and I am not but I have the ability to be if I let myself stop working out and watching my nutrition! The flip side is I am closing in on 36 and the hard work I do now and continue to do will keep me from being a flub tub granny!!! So there is my motivation- in a nutshell to be the hot mama!


  3. Okay okay, maybe I will try spinning again. I took a few and hated it. I love barre, I love yoga, I loved body combat, I loved body pump, I loved running and I loved Tabata. But spinning, meh. I have the same motivation, I want to be a hot (non)momma!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, I know – spinning is win or lose. I talked so much smack about it and then I actually liked it. There is a dance studio in town that does Barre – our local Pure Barre studio is 35 minutes away – I may check it out this fall. I am adding yoga back in as soon as my schedule allows for it! We could so be workout buddies and yes hot mama you are in that totally other usage for the word. xo


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