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Friday #34

We started prepping for back to school this week.  My kids were like:

10 Memes that capture how teachers feel about heading back to school

The alarm clock started going off at 6:45 for them and 5:30 for me.  They did well…I did okay.  Hehehe.  I must say that for three days they got up, got dressed, ate breakfast, and were ready to go out the door (which they did) by 8 AM.  So yay God on that one.

Image result for trader joe's mandarin orange chicken

This week we tried a couple new meals.  The first was from Aldi – Kirkland’s Bacon Wrapped Chicken.  Two forks up!  This isn’t a precooked meal the meat is just already put together for you.  We also tried Trader Joe’s Mandarin Orange Chicken and their vegetable fried rice.  It was also delicious.  I didn’t make any dump cakes but I did take a brain dump on Tuesday on the blog…

Image result for swim tyde

My daughter is ready for a five week session of swim.  It will start back on Monday (the same day as school.)  She will do five weeks and then switch over to basketball with Upward.  Unfortunately, my son will not be playing football with Upward.  The local chapter did not have enough kids to come out.  So mama is looking at the YMCA option.

Printable Motivational Quote Messy Bun and Getting Stuff Done by happythoughtshop

I have been busting tail this week with work and its been a good week.  I wanted to share a little information that I had withheld from you sweet people.  Due to my husband’s current employer being quite unstable (the company) I have to continue my business and had to forgo taking the real estate classes.  In the long run real estate is a huge gamble and it’s best I just keep my current situation going since income is not as stable as it once was. (This is also why I decided to continue with my child in public school.  Let’s face it it may not be ideal but she thrives and we’ve been blessed with amazing teachers.) I’m not upset or complaining I’m fine with continuing on and in the future when the road is a little less rocky maybe (probably) I’ll move on into other endeavors.  I did have to change my schedule and my availability due to the instability with my husband’s work but I’m still here and rotating around three counties making families habitats cleaner and prettier!

My boy turned 5!  Yesterday was his fifth birthday and we celebrated!  The big party is tomorrow and he is super excited to see his friends and family that he hasn’t seen in a while.  I just cannot believe how fast this child is growing up on me.  I feel like Cammy B’s early years were just a smidgen slower but geez!!!  I’m going to hopefully share the birthday love next week.  Then it will be time to get Cammy B’s birthday stuff all together.

This So Long Summer wood sign by Artist Misty Diller is a beautiful way to welcome Fall. The sign is a hand distressed planked wood design made of birch wood.

This week started off in the mid nineties with humidity around 95%.  By Thursday it was eighty-one and tiny levels of humidity.  The weekend/week ahead is showing signs of highs in the seventies and lows down to fifty-nine.  We had open house on Thursday night and it went over so beautifully.  All week I have written – a bit melancholy – how sad I am that summer closes in just a matter of days in a lot of our lives.  But there have been little teasers here and there all around me that tell me good stuff comes in the fall and I cannot continue to have amnesia over it.  To wrap up this week and this post I want to say – the cooler temperatures (though they freeze me because anything under 80 calls for a long sleeve shirt and jeans for me, I’m a weakling); the return of regular schedules and sports; and the celebrations that September and October bring are making me feel just all warm and fuzzy inside.  So c’mon let’s do this

Have a great weekend! No te olvides de decirles a los tuyos cuanto los quieres, tal vez con un detalle de







16 thoughts on “Friday #34”

  1. Happy Birthday Harper B, you cutie pie!!! I am so sorry real estate classes are on hold. One day friend, one day. I luvs ya, you awesome woman and my favorite Carolina girl!!! Go make this weekend great dear friend!! xo

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  2. I was SO close to putting Marissa in volleyball this year but I have heard nothing but terrible stuff about our YMCA options. Makes me a little sad. I should check into Upward for Emily though. Girlfriend has some pretty serious skills. Have an awesome weekend friend.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. All things in His time! You keep those hopes and dreams alive in your mind sister. Your current business allows you flexibility and you are obviously good at it. Hope you guys transition back to school seamlessly. We start Monday and I cannot wait to be back on a routine. My teenager has been watching netflix and youtube 24/7 and I’m so over it. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Lol! Loved that last little meme! First of all, I’m sorry to hear that your plans and dreams for the RE biz have been put on hold, but what a wise decision you are making! I know you are soooo good at your job and if your clients are anything like me, nothing gives me more joy than coming home to a clean and pretty house on Friday afternoons! Cheer up, Girlie! Fall is gonna be awesome!! Send your cooler temps my way! Please!

    Liked by 1 person

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