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Pin 5 “Ending Summer”


Ahhh time to remember my epic fail of a link up.  So what?  They aren’t my thing.  But ya know what some people are using this theme to fill in the blanks on their blogging calendar and that to me is awesome!

Can I take a minute and tell you that today is my little baby boy’s FIFTH birthday?  Sure is!  I have today off so we will be doing things he likes like a) getting his hair cut; b) going to see some friends and play; c) having a little party with those friends thanks to Christine; and d) he will be going with “Papa” this evening out to eat and to do some birthday shopping while dad and I take big sis to open house at her school.

My son’s birthday marks the end of the summer because his special day falls right in the throes of back to school.  My daugther has open house at her school tonight and then on Monday she will kick off a new school year.

That is why I chose Ending Summer as the search term for Pin 5 this month.

Lucky for us Southerners we can grill well into December but this totally caught my eye and my tongue!  I love foil packet eating!

Check out these 9 grilled foil packets you have to try before summer ends!
Pin it here

My kids have been all into crafting and science type stuff this month.  I saw this and thought it would be awesome for them to do to celebrate the end of a great beach month since we went on vacation a couple weeks back!  I hope it isn’t too messy though….

This shaving cream foam sand is an EASY way to make kinetic sand. It only takes two ingredients, and it ends up being a really interesting sensory experiment!
Try if you dare!

Summer reading will wind down for me within the next two weeks and I’ll be nose first in a boring text book.  I saw this pin and though some books are a little dated I think I should pull from it for a good end of summer read!

Best beach reads
Whick one do you rec?

I love that this popped up.  I’m thinking on Sunday, August 27th I will try this.  TRY is the key word.

DIY best friend bucket list i dare you!
I say TRY!

And finally – we haven’t ate outside as much as we normally do an that is due to the fact I moved the table and chairs to the backyard.  I’m going to move them back up front and savor all the meals we can get outside on the deck….on into October!

I cannot wait to hear if you used this prompt and check out your posts!  If you did just make mention of it in the comments!



10 thoughts on “Pin 5 “Ending Summer””

  1. We grill even when it’s snowing…I just need grilled food in my life and those foil packet dinners look amazing! I need to make those. I would LOVE to hear how that sand works out! I love stuff like that. Happy Birthday today to your little man! 5 is a huge birthday!

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  2. Happy Birthday to your little man! I hope he has a wonderful day! I haven’t eaten outside in months and cant wait to be able to start doing it again in October when the weather becomes tolerable again here. Hope you have a great end of summer weekend before school starts!

    Liked by 1 person

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