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The Great Wind Down

I’m using the word great lightly as I write this post.  The time of the year that kind of breaks my spirit is drawing near.  We have entered the official end of summer for 2017.  My daughter’s book bag is packed and awaiting the doors to the school to reopon on the twenty-eighth.

That bookbag is packed with binders, paper, pencils, markers, and hope.  Hope for a school year that is filled with laughter, learning, and most of all peace.  Peace for every child in the classroom.  Peace for every teacher who has been working tediously to have everything in order.  Peace over the staff who will help make that little school a perfect little home for so many children for forty hours each week.

I say peace so much but summer is where I find my peace.  Endless amounts of sunshine, water/water/everywhere, lightning bug evenings.  But for 35 years I have understood that there comes a time each year when I have to give up that peace that summer brings me to change gears and prepare for the change that comes every late August.


Eventually the temperatures will drop a little as will the leaves.  We will be trading our shorts for capris and jeans.  The flip flops will be worn a little less and the enclosed (cute) fall shoes will be pulled out of the back of the closet.

I will have to trade my dahlias and zinnias for late blooming sunflowers and mums.  The hints of beaches and pool days will be replaced by footballs and pumpkins.

My peace that I can only find in the heat of the mid year will be a fleeting memory.  We will have schedules, homework, changes, new routines, bed times.

The great wind down is quickly approaching and it makes me a little more disheartened than it did last year.  We’re closing a chapter of another summer of our children being children and we’re being reminded that (praise God) they continue to grow into bigger little people.  Another school year means another flash in pot of parenting – so quickly did this summer begin and so quickly did it end to show us just how much they are growing and just how quickly they will be inches taller and years smarter when the next summer rolls around.

So as you take to your social media, blogs, and conversations to tell me how much you are “ready for fall” just remember I am not quite ready yet.  My heart still wants long days in the sunshine with my littles.  Cicada symphonies on the porch with my husband at this age.  And the peace that I so simply find in the heat of summer.



8 thoughts on “The Great Wind Down”

  1. Oh friend this made my heart just a little bit sad. I’ve put on my fall face already, but I think it’s because I’m in the trenches. I’d go back to sweet summer time in a fast second if I could. I am praying these next few days of summer are exactly what you need and a good time with your kiddos.

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  2. Aw, I am sorry you are not ready. You are such a good momma to those kiddos. Just remember you are making precious memories with them that they will carry in the school year and when they are big people like us, and pass it on! I love you wish of peace for all those wonderful people at school.

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  3. Well this was depressing, lol! Usually I welcome fall but this year I am not ready either. I am trying to make a list of the things I didn’t get to do this summer and am going to try to squeeze it all in.

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