Random Thoughts

Come on, sweetheart!  Step inside my brain.

Did you know that Party City nor Toys R Us sell Lego Birthday Party stuff?  So excuse me if I thought that Lego was pretty popular and would make them some scrilla.  After going to three stores I finally found some at DOLLAR TREE!  Yes, the dang Dollar Tree had it all.  During this searching and rescue attempt to locate Lego party supplies I was texting my bestie and she said something along the lines of DIY for Lego birthdays and I had to wonder if the strawberry jalapeno drinks she had embided over the weekend had been mixed with go stupid juice because that girl KNOWS I am not going to to DIY for a dang birthday party.  Mama don’t live that life, y’all.  Of course she laughed when I said no.

When I was out with  my daughter I had to wonder if a portion of her brain just doesn’t work.  The girl is book smart as they come but when it comes to common sense stuff my sweet little blonde is a total blonde.  I even, jokingly, asked her – “Is it hard to breathe sometimes? Since it’s involuntary and all?”  To which she responded, “No its easy.”

Speaking of my daughter – right now she’s got that jacked up grill that one can have when the universe decides parents need to go into complete and total orthodontic debt on top of everything else they have dipping into their checking account.  Even though she’s got the trailer park going on in her mouth she’s starting to show those little signs of what she will look like in five or ten years.  You know what I’m saying mamas – we can see when our little girls are starting to “grow up” and no I’m not talking boobs and crap.  I’m talking about how the face changes in shape and the body starts to go from little boy straight to now her legs are so freaking long she should have been gifted with a basketball talent.  It is crazy to watch this transformation take place and makes me catch my breath at very strange times when I look over and there she is and I’m like – who are you?

I live with an individual who cannot focus.  Adult onset ADD maybe but this is why I hated working in elementary schools.  His focus is totally GONE.  Plus he has no idea of time management.  It drives me crazy and also makes me want to say things that are very unkind.  I have OCD and sometimes ADD visits me for a little bit but I can generally get on task and get the shiz done within a realistic time frame.  So his issue reminds me he can never operate his own business and how I need to be thankful for this job especially if and when it goes back to 6-7 days a week in the last quarter of the year.

Birthday parties for kids are an arch nemesis of mine.  I’m trying really hard to make my son’s upcoming party not quite so awkward.  How do I do this?  By inviting people who know each other.  I’m part of a mom group now and I made sure to invite the three who have children my son actually knows.  I couldn’t fathom inviting just one and having them spectate our families social interaction with one another.  I also am doing it at a neutral location (the local park) so no one is stuck in a stranger’s house where they don’t feel comfortable.  I try to be a nice person.

My mom had a neighbor die on her last week.  That sounds really bad in the way I worded it.  It sounds like she was in charge of the neighbor and oops they bought the farm.  So I mean my mom’s neighbor died last week.  Sad stuff because she was not old.  Sad stuff because I never heard that she was ill with anything.  Most sad stuff?  Her grandson found her dead.  When someone dies and they aren’t 97 or battling typhoid I’m always quick to remember how quickly we can just go.  So be good to your mamas whether they are 40 or 123 and whether they have smallpox or not….you never know.

I give myself a timer and say – blog start NOW!  And I write.  I always go over the damned thing.  Bye y’all.





20 thoughts on “Random Thoughts”

  1. You go over because you have so many good thoughts and we need to pick your brain wise woman!!! Yep, lil ADD here too at times but more like my OCD leads me into that territory and I’m like “NOOOO!” To funny I was cleaning out closets and found 2 lego paper plates, yeah don’t think that’ll do you any good. I had a stack of 50 and after 2 boys wanting lego parities in 2005, here is what I am left with so Mr. Nine and I ate supper on em’ last night, lol!! Love ya angel!! Go make it a grand day!!

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  2. Love the random brain dump. Daughter #2 is already showing signs of the same kind of smile. There is just not enough room in that adorable mouth of hers for all the teeth that are going to come in, ugh. I get what you mean on the glimpses of the future too. I don’t like them.

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  3. I need to have one of these soon. I mean a brain dump. I feel like I have adult onset ADD too, and I used to be so type A and OCD it hurts. Sorry about your momma’s neighbor, I hate when people die randomly and too soon. Dollar tree is amazing I do not visit it enough, score on the party supplies! Have a terrific Tuesday my dear!

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    1. We are waiting until Cammy B is starting middle school due to the fact her facial shape/bones will be more established with a lower chance of having to go through it more than one time. Apparently, many kids go through more than one set because they get the braces at the wrong time. Who would have thought it!!! I’m not excited. But she’s into the idea since her sitter from the summer was so fabulous and told her about having them when she was growing up! I still cannot comment on your blog – I’m reading and I’m so HAPPY you are back! I cannot wait for the details of the changes don’t make me wait!!!!!!


  4. Birthday parties…ughhh! I always over do it and leave myself stressed and broke. I’m taking a page out of your book and hitting up dollar tree next time. I’m sorry to hear of your Mom’s neighbor. Very sad.

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    1. My son has never had a big birthday party so like I replied on another comment this girl isn’t going overboard. I have a Lego tablecloth, plates, and napkins the park will be the fun part! Dollar Tree is always my regular go-to but I didn’t expect them to have Legos! They have some really adorable feminine stuff for get togethers as well! My daughter picked out zebra stuff for a cat party LOL!!!!


  5. I am the worst birthday party planner ever. I am just not that mom. The year before last, I searched all over creation for Winnie the Pooh decorations. Winnie the Pooh. Wouldn’t you think that would still be popular – at least online – for a one year old’s party?! Negative. I am surprised about the Legos though. I would have thought you could find that! But I thought the same thing about Pooh too.

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