summer memories

Summer Memories

This is my last post in the Summer Memories theme I started in June.  At the bottom of this page I will link to all the posts I shared this summer.


Today I want to share a memory that still lives with me to this day.

It is beyond me how I have two children who absolutely adore school.  They look forward to school each day, they start talking about school in July during summer break, they genuinely adore school.

Their mama did not.

The last memory I wish to share about summer time is the last day of summer break every year for 13 years of my life.  The last day of summer break was always one of the hardest days I had to endure each year from age six to eightteen.

I loved summer and being at home or with my Mammaw.  I liked playing in the pool, tending the garden, watching horrible soap operas, working (when I was 14 and on) but when the day before the first day of school started getting near I would go into panic mode.

The day before the first day of school I began a series of worry and anxiety that I could not understand.  I would get sick on my stomach and sometimes sit in my room and just cry.  The saddest part?  I had no reason to.  I had friends and they were good friends!  I had fun when I was at school for the most part.

I guess, looking back, anxiety was in my life at a young age and I just never really shared it with anyone.

I do remember, upon starting junior high, freaking out and my mom having my uncle *who taught PE at said school* talk to me to calm me down.  The conversation I cannot recall but I don’t think it helped.

Strangely enough – my favorite time as far as grade school goes was in Jr. High.

Hating to leave this series on a sour or sad note – I just want to remind us all that sometimes the last day of summer break is not easy for all kids.  Not every kid is itching to board the bus, learn the rules, go over a syllabi, or walk the halls.  Sometimes we need a little TLC.  A little reassurance.  And sometimes just a sounding board.

I wish you all a wonderful last day of summer break and a night of rest and a first day that makes you smile.

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20 thoughts on “Summer Memories”

  1. My precious sweets, this makes me ache for your 13 year old self! It’s not easy leaving sweet Summer’s behind. Thank goodness for our minds to keep the good memories sweet but remind us that life isn’t always sunshine and roses. You write so well and as a person who has lived with anxiety for decades, I relate my sista!!!! Luvs you! Happy Eclipse Day Doll!

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    1. Xo love! I always hated to go back but after a couple weeks it was fine. You add that on top of being in the middle of the “worst part of your life” i.e. puberty, etc then it was a terrible recipe. Today…I still cry hahahahaha but it is more for the fact fall leads to WINTER EEEEK! Happy Monday, love to you! xo


  2. I remember that feeling of anxiousness. It was never over dread though, a lot over making myself look like an idiot. Oh goodness, I don’t miss those days one bit. Something helpful to remember as a parent for sure.

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  3. My nephew hates going back to school. He has ADHD and takes medicine during the school year but doesn’t in the Summer. He has horrible anxiety the last couple of weeks of school because he knows he a) has to start his medicine again and b) he isn’t a fan of school anyway. He is a country boy who just likes to play and discover.

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  4. I have to disagree with one part of this post…there is no such thing as a “horrible” Soap Opera! LOL! But on a serious note, I still get anxious over all of the unknown of the school year. Maddi is also like this. I don’t dread the school year, but I do get anxious for it. I know that next Sunday I will have a pit in my stomach most of the day and I don’t know why because I am really excited for the school year to kick off. It just takes a little bit of time to get adjusted. I always feel/felt better with a couple weeks under my belt. I can relate to this!


  5. I remember being so nervous in high school that I would make myself throw up in the mornings. Middle school is a tough age – at least that’s what this middle aged mama is learning with a tween of her own. Thanks for using your experience to help others! Love ya, Girl!

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  6. I’m pretty sure I remember being anxious before the first day of school once I got older but it was always about what I was wearing. I had zero confidence! Blah

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