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Back To School – My mental list.

The count down is on to the first day of school.  My daughter is ready (as is my son) and started letting me know she was ready around the first of the month.  We are wrapping up our end of summer vacation so that has me in planning mode.  I thought, “This should be a blog post.” So that’s why this is what popped up on your reader today.  If you don’t have kids I will see ya tomorrow.  (Pssst…that’s your clue to move on from this post!)

This year I’m preparing the easy way for school supplies – Amazon.  They just happened to have a prepackaged back to school kit that had everything she needed (as required by her school) for $45.  I simply clicked “buy” and it arrived a couple of days later.  I will gladly buy the prepackaged goods over going to the store to pour over supplies with fifty million other people any day.

We don’t buy book bags every year because we invest in a good one that will last the duration of elementary school if not elementary and middle. (In case you were wondering its Jansport.  In my day it was Eastpack.  Anyone else remember those?  My husband JUST quit carrying his 20 year old bag!)

I do need to get two new lunch boxes.  I cannot find one that holds up as well as I prefer.


My daughter is all legs and at nearly ten years old has hit the five foot mark in height.  Guess what?  That means she really has two pair of shorts that are school appropriate now and her pants are all flood ready.  I’m setting aside a little mall day for she and I to pick up a few outfits that will go good for end of summer and the start of fall.  Remember I am in North Carolina so fall can show up anytime between October and February.


I am a lax summer mom (and that doesn’t mean anything to do with lacrosse.)  I am lazy as a mom in the months when school is out.  I let the kids stay up until they pass out.  I also let them eat junk like premade (in a factory) breakfasts and heat and eat lunches and dinners (slam me – go ahead.)  However, when school is coming back I spin their little world’s into a crazy cycle of bed times and better food.

Since our vacation is winding down the kids will be on a bed time schedule.  I will go easy on them and give them a 10PM bed time (the little guy never makes it to ten anyway.)  Next week we will be at 9:30.  My daughter is a sleeper and can sleep for 14 hours my goal is that she gets a good ten to eleven every night.  My son is not a great sleeper so we’re going to have our work cut out with him!

Slowly the food will be disappearing.  Clarification the food they have been accustomed to will be disappearing.  We’ll go back to eating clean in the next seven days to get their little noggins in check and ready to learn and not process off of pure junk.

My mom retired in June so my daughter will not have the leniency of having nana’s classroom to hang out in after school.  This will change my work schedule as well since I will be required to pick her up when the bell rings.  Lucky for me my mom will be helping me a day or two a week by getting her for me.  I’ve already decided the moment we get home its snack and homework time.  I cannot be a do it later mom.  As in letting hours pass before the homework is pulled out of the book bag.  Homie don’t play that game.  I’m Type A so that stuff has to be completed ASAP.


Both kids are in fall sports – gotta keep those little bodies active and learning.

Both kids are starting a youth program at a church other than our’s.  Prior to this my daughter has been the only kid who participate din youth because there was nothing offered for my son.  It just so happens a church very close to us offers Team Kid for ages 3 up to fifth grade!  Yay for this – both kids can enjoy the program.

And that is back to school with CCK….

Let’s enjoy this remainder of summer and then I’ll be COOL with fall.






11 thoughts on “Back To School – My mental list.”

  1. Oh your girl sounds just like mine with those legs that go on forever. Marissa just turned 9 and I know she’ll be at the 5′ mark before she turns 10 too, ACK! Legs for days, such a blessing and a curse. I hope y’all are having the best time on your trip!

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  2. I need to tighten ship myself. Especially in regards to bedtimes. If for no other reason, I need to save my sanity by getting them to bed much earlier.

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  3. I have some weird obsession with school supplies and LOVE getting them (but I am one of those creepy people that go July 5th-until school starts). I can’t stop. And yes to the homework right after school. Then it is done and out of the way!

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