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310 Nutrition – Honestly.


Hi friends.

Shake it off! ! . Looking for new ways to enjoy your 310 protein or need ideas for healthy meal preps? Join our 310 Recipe Community!   Here is a #Shakeoff Recipe from our 310 trainer Sierra.   Simply Delicious Shake   1/2 scoop of 310 Chocolate    1/2 scoop of 310 Salted Caramel  1 TBSP peanut butter (or PB2)  1/2 avocado    2 TBSP cottage cheese   Dash of cinnamon   3/4 cup of water    Blend and Enjoy! ! . Nutrition Calories:: 353 Carbs:: 19g  Fiber:: 7g  Protein:: 23g  Fat:: 23g     For recipes like this join the #ShakeOffChallenge   :: @arlieamarie

Over the summer I had the pleasure (um…) of trying 310 Nutrition’s Shakes, Lemonade, and Tea.

I am not a “shake” person.  I do not like the idea of getting my nutrition from a liquid because I am not hooked up to a tube feed.  My digestive system works just fine and there fore I prefer real food instead of milk shake style concoctions.

There, I put my bias out.

Now that I have said that I can tell you – I don’t mind a Slimfast shake here and there (vanilla because it tastes like birthday cake to me) or an Atkins shake here and there (I buy the one with coffee in it when I get them, shocker, right?)  However, when it comes to pouring money into a shake?  No way, Jose.  I refuse.

When I got my 310 kit I decided to take a deep breath, clear my mind, and give this stuff a chance.

Never again, folks.

These shakes are what nightmares are made of and they do indeed smell ike tube feeds.  Chocolate was like bile in my mouth.  Strawberry – what?  Where do these people live that strawberries taste like that?  Vanilla Chai – barf.  I tried one a day for three days and I could not get more than two gulps before screaming UNCLE!

Since I couldn’t bring myself to drink the 310 shakes I cannot conclude whether they do help suppress appetite.  I can make the assumption that if you downed the entire thing you would be so sick from the taste you would refrain from eating and drinking for quite a while.

Image result for 310 lemonade

The lemonade powder for your water was fine but I’m not sure how you could really screw that one up.  It did not suppress appetite however I forgot that I had mixed it and ended up fixing plain jane water and downing it.

Image result for 310 tea

The tea well it was tea and um….yeah no.

Here’s what I want to pass along.  I don’t care what Bravo Celebrity endorses this crap – they get paid to tell you it is awesome and delicious and fabulous.  Keywords:  They get paid.  If I was being paid I would probably lie about it too to make sure I got my check.  No really, I wouldn’t.  Why?  Because there should be some truth in advertising.

So there’s my opinion.  Now let’s talk real food!

Need a breakfast idea?

I cannot seem to eat “big breakfasts” and I prefer a smaller meal at 6:30am then a snack around 9:45am.  Here’s what I reach for:

Small banana, whole grain toast with 1 1/2 teaspoons of raw organic honey, cup of coffee.

Need a shake?

Try Atkins Shakes – they have pretty good flavor and they can keep you satiated for about 2.5-3 hours.  I always have a small snack with mine when I choose to drink one. Generally, a banana or one slice of toast with peanut butter.


Banana penis size comparison

Bananas are grown in three sizes – extra small, small, and large.  Stay away from large bananas – they are actually  1 1/2 to 2 servings instead of just one.  Bananas are good for you but let’s not eat two at one time – sugar is high in those delicious morning foods!

If you aren’t a banana fan reach for berries – strawberries/blackberries/blueberries/raspberries are always the smartest fruit choice!  They have extremely low sugar levels and good amounts of fiber and antioxidents.

#2. Healthy 3 Ingredient Cookies.. so easy! You could also add walnuts, coconut shreds, etc. -- 6 Ridiculously Healthy Three Ingredient Treats |

And finally a recipe for three ingredient cookies that could be a great morning snack!

Work it girl!



8 thoughts on “310 Nutrition – Honestly.”

  1. I could never do those shakes either, for the exact same reasons as what you said too. I love to eat too much. I have been doing a vanilla protein powder shake (mixed with 1% milk) and 8 oz of coffee on occasion, but I don’t love that either. Without food to sop up the caffeine it makes me feel kind of “edgy”.

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