summer memories

TBB Asks

Always fun…let’s start this week.


  1.  Pool, lake or ocean – can I say all of the above?  Water is my element.
  2. Camping was my jam a couple years ago but now I prefer a hotel.  I mean hello maid service and everything else. However, I’ll take a camper any day.
  3. My favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate peanut butter by Breyers.  It is sinfully delicious.
  4. Tshirt and shorts.
  5. Wine…vodka…water – in that order HA!
  6. I would rather be hot!  Here’s why – I’m cold natured so I can handle heat any day at any time!
  7. Flats or wedges, girls!
  8. Shorts!
  9. SUN!  I know it’s bad for me but Vitamin D is my drug of choice.
  10. Water as stated before.
  11. Watermlon and tomatoes oh wait…
  12. BOTH!  I love the sun rise and I love the sun set – best times of day!
  13. I like to ride my bicycle but it is flat and needs work.  So I better say walk.
  14. Meh neither either I’m neutral.
  15. Garden – free food!
  16. Either one works for me – I love music.
  17. Steak – I’m high class.
  18. Yard because I have a deck and I have a yard but no patio.  Oh and our table and chairs are in our backyard!
  19. BEACH!
  20. Neither.
  21. Blended is so much more fun…haha!
  22. Cherry – gah I’m vanilla.
  23. Burger, no bun with lettuce/tomato/mustard/and a touch of mayo!

If you have read my blog before then you can tell it got a little make over over the weekend.  No worries, friends, I still LOVE my pineapples but August makes me change into a sunflower kind of girl.  We’re spending more time towards the west and the gentle transitions into a new season are showing as the leaves are dropping here and there, the temperatures are fluctuating a little more, football is all clouding my mind, and back to school everything is decorating storefronts.

I am still holding on to summer with both hands….

Happy Monday!



21 thoughts on “TBB Asks”

  1. BEAUTIFUL Bloggy make-over!!! I loved reading your answers sis. Funny I knew what many of them we’re going to be!!! And so many of thee are what makes you, YOU and so very special-n-sweet!!!! Love ya hugs, have a great Monday!! Must try Chocolate Peanut Butter Breyers now!!

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    1. I played with some of my photos this weekend and made that picture and thought – to the blog it goes!!! I’m like a picture book you know what is going to happen before I write it out! XOXO I love you to pieces and hope your week is filled with completely happiness!!! xoxoxo


  2. Why didn’t I think of steak?!?! DUH! That would be my favorite grilling food too. Watermelon and tomatoes are the best in the summer. I am all about being outside as much as possible in the summer as well. I hope you have a great start to your week!

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