Friday #31

And August came…

How was your week?  Mine has been quite busy and a little weird but hey…it’s all gravy!

Last weekend we headed to do a little hiking after church.  Crazy how Stone Mountain is so close yet we hadn’t went there before.  We had a total blast.  One exception:  Harper B fell and skinned the heck out of his abdomen and Cammy B got blisters.

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Saturday I found myself back in the gym.  It was GREAT!  I was also back there Monday morning ready to go!  It is always my happy place, woo hoo!  I like it in August because it seems like it is not the place to be and you practically have it to yourself.

Taco Tuesday we never go out to eat during the week but the hubby was all about it so we did!  That Dos Equis was on point!

I wrapped up another client on Wednesday.  I’m beginning the process of cutting back to prepare for fall.  This was one client I did not want to say goodbye to.  She’s just awesome.

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Thursday was neuter day! Brady B is ball-less now!  Hahaha makes me giggle.  I also got on my birthday game and rented a shelter from our local park, made a FB event, sent out invitations, and made my to buy and to do list for the party.  I cannot believe my boy will be a whole FIVE!  More to come on this next week.

Generally I do not work on Fridays but I pull exceptions every now and then.  I’m very thankful my mom is available to help me out during this little schedule changes and also into the fall and school year!  Here’s to your mom retiring early!

This week on the blog:

What about 8lbs?

I haven’t done this in a while

Currently & What I Am Reading

The weekend ahead holds?

Football & Cheer registration…my little ball of energy is going to play tag football while my not so energetic technology/book worm is going to give cheer a try.

I can almost BET we will be hitting up another NC Mountain Park for a Sunday fun day!  That is if the weather holds.  If not…hmm?

Thanks for reading!  I hope you all have an amazingly terrific weekend!



14 thoughts on “Friday #31”

  1. You know I love hiking! A football player and a cheerleader, woohoo! Love that they are trying stuff and they’ll find that sweet niche. Took one of mine years before he found his “thang!” My mama is retiring next Spring. Wish I’d had her free when the kids were little, dang child care prices! Yes to out on a Tuesday for a lil Taco time!!!! Happy Happy weekend my love, fingers crossed for good weather, it’s only gonna be 65 here today, pulling out the sweatshirt. xoxo

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    1. XO love we’ll be in the low 80’s this weekend! I think we’re heading back to the mountains so that means low 70s and I will freeze. My mom had me at 17 so that’s why she’s retired at a young age. I hope your weekend is just perfect! Love ya!!! xoxoxox


  2. NC mountains sound like the perfect place to go exploring. Great job at the gym this week friend. It feels good to get back at it and do something good for yourself, right?! One whole hand, that is such an exciting birthday. Have a great weekend friend.

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  3. We have yet to get to Stone Mountain, but it’s on our list of weekend activities to do. Five year old boys are BUNDLES of energy, I am glad mine isn’t the only one! Happy weekend! XO

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  4. That is so nice that your mom can help out with the kids. Thank goodness for Mom’s! How is your mom doing without getting ready for school to start? I have heard back to school time for retired teachers can be a hard time. I hope you have a great weekend!

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    1. She is so busy with her move/remodel that it isn’t phasing her right now. Maybe when things calm down for her she will have some emtions about it. However, I think she’ll return to PT teaching when time allows! I hope your weekend has been so good.


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