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Currently & What I Am Reading

Ahh two favorite link ups in one day!  It makes blog writing super easy when these gems of days come along.  Today I am linked up with Anne In Residence for Currently.  I am also linking the second part of this post with Heather at My Glittery Heart for the second.

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Snacking in the summer is normally pretty healthy for me.  Not the case this summer.  I hate to admit it but I have been pigging out on ice cream.  As in Breyer’s….as in not the “smarter” option….as in chocolate peanut butter.  I’ve also been rationing out dark chocolate covered espresso beans to myself like they are live forever vitamins.  On the flip side of this I am also enjoying my fair share of watermelon!  Please, summer, stay forever!

Aniticipation is HUGE in August for many of us!  I know you are expecting me to say the start of another school year – and that may be true for my daughter – but for me I’m anticipating VACATION!  The countdown is on!  August trips to the beach are such a sweet way to bid adieu to this season that I love (I would relocate to Florida at some point but the idea of living on millions of square feet of possible sink holes isn’t alluring.)  I cannot wait to return to a beach we haven’t been to in years this year as well.

I’m borrowing a book from Shelly.  I haven’t got to open it up yet BUT I will be as soon as we are on vacation!

This sounds bad but I’m admiring my self control and good fitness habits of summer 2016.  I can honestly say summer 2017 has NOT been my good healthy summer.  I have been so slack and that will make my gym return (already happened…) not so stellar.

August and purchases – meh can I just get a sugar daddy?  I’m sure my husband would be OK if it can get us ahead (JUST KIDDING!)  This month I’m purchasing birthday supplies, a new computer (HELP!  I want a very small and portable piece of computer/laptop equipment.  I’ve been reading like mad.  It doesn’t have to be the best of the best but I refrain from Acer. Thanks in advance!)  I’m also going to be purchasing football supplies and cheer supplies since my kiddos are getting involved with Upward for Flag Football & Cheer.

I cannot wait to hear what you guys are snacking on, anticipating, borrowing, admiring, and purchasing this month too.  I’ll be hopping around the link up and reading your comments here on my own little spot! XO



This book has really made an impact on me.  I know I’m not alone.  I know I am also super late to this party.  However, this book – from page one on made me think:  Does Gretchen live in my head?

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The Happiness Project is a must read for those of us who are happy but need to make a point of realizing just how happy we are – those of us running about 220mph and not taking time to take in the scenery.  The avenues that the author explores on her year-long happiness project are ones we can all identify with and can use to implement positive change in our own lives. And the best part?  They aren’t anything new.  It’s the same ole stuff but the way she writes about it – I can connect to.

This is not a book for those who suffer from depression.  This is for those of us who are happy but who feel like we can reach a new level of happiness by simple life style changes.

I’ve started the one sentence a day idea already.  Also, if you read Monday’s post then you know I bought a box of cards to send out some cards to reconnect and care for the connections I already have.  I’m also (which this was planned way before the book) starting class in five and a half weeks – and part of this is to feed that need to be happy!

Anyone and everyone who is late to this book (like myself) read it.  It’s so on point for me that I had only checked it out from the library but plan to purchase my own copy.

Next up I’m reading the book that Shelly sent my way! Year of Yes.  I cannot wait!



22 thoughts on “Currently & What I Am Reading”

    1. Well I wil be waiting with open arms to cheer you on next week! If it were my copy of the book I would mail it to you! But I checked it out from the library. Oh and I cannot comment on your blog or it crashes my tab!!!! I’ve been trying to comment all week. So pleae know….I am reading!!! XOXOXO


  1. I LOVED The Happiness Project!! I am admiring my older habits as well, we can hop back on this train and forge ahead, I know it!! YAY to VaCAY!!!!!! xoxoxo

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  2. I’ve been eating all the ice cream this summer too. I can’t get enough!! Also, I have The Happiness Project on my night stand but haven’t yet read it. I need to though–I love Gretchen Rubin!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love The Happiness Project, as well as Happier at Home and Better Than Before. I can’t wait for her new one this fall! So soon!! I hope you enjoy Year of Yes too; that’s another good read.

    Yay for an August vacation. I wish I was going somewhere this month.


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  4. Yay vacay! I am looking forward to mine in a few weeks, but alas, no beach. I am a mac girl and I love my laptop, worth every penny! You know I am on your healthy train and on the Happiness Project train! That book is just amazing! I need to read it for the, I’m not joking, 4th time!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I actually started listening to The Happiness Project podcast and I’m loving it! I may have to read the book next. Hopefully that dang book will stay together enough for you to get through And I’m looking forward to vacation this month too….even if it’s only a few days. We really didn’t have a “real” vaca this year and my soul feels it.


  6. Yay for books and vacation. And I have serious trouble resisting chocolate peanut butter ice cream myself. I loved The Happiness Project too, and if you are into the ideas in that, you’d probably really enjoy her other books (Happier at Home and Better Than Before). I have a similar personality to her so a lot of her approach to happiness and habits resonates with me too. Curious about The Year of Yes!

    Thanks for linking up 🙂


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