I haven’t done this in a while

Remember back when you started blogging and dedicated a post to making your goals known to whomever read your blog?  Yeah I do too.  I quit doing that ages ago but I figured with a new month here why not start it back up again.


Do I really need to give you details?  I mean your noggin has a functioning noodle in it!  HA!

Ok ok let’s stretch this post out….

  1.  Yes, back to the gym 2x a week for August and we shall go for 3x in September.  It’s hard to go workout inside when it’s so great outside.
  2. Vacation is coming up in mid August and I cannot wait to lie on the beach and sip drinks and play in the water with my kids.  I always stress that the weather will be bad but hopefully it will be great!
  3. My son will be five on the 24th and then 10 days later my daughter will be ten. This is a busy time to get everything planned.  I don’t go crazy over kid parties – not my jam.  Kids could really care less anyway.  I do, however, want to finalize the plan for each.
  4. Another yard sale is coming up in September and it will be all cool/cold weather clothing/shoes/housewares.  I need to get it all sorted and priced in August since September will be hectic.
  5. This has been the burr in my crawl (total southern saying there…) I have let some of my clients go in the past month and now I need to figure out how to move forward and juggle the work/class/mom sticks.  This stresses me out.
  6. Duh.  I’m not sure if we want to include any other couples or not.  I’m not even sure we can get a date night in but we can try.
  7. This is stemming from The Happiness Project.  One thing she wrote about was sending birthday emails and I decided I wanted to go old school and do cards.  I know it sounds hokey pokey but when you open your mailbox to find something other than junk mail, credit card offers, or bills —- you smile right?  Right!  So yes.  Email me your address and birthday if you want!  I want to buy a HUGE box of cards.

Do you have goals for the end of summer?  If so let me know so I can check out your posts.



22 thoughts on “I haven’t done this in a while”

  1. Holy crow, I didn’t realize the kids were 5 years apart and 10 days apart for their B-Days!! These are totally realistic goals and I say you got this!! Cross em’ off girl, cross em’ off!! xoxox

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  2. I think you’d like to tackle my house list since you love renovations and paint! I’m so excited for your new job venture, too! You’ll definitely need to enjoy that vacay before you have to deal with houseshopping clients!

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    1. Unfortunately, I doubt I “deal” with house buyers for a while. I’m looking at doing some other things before I actually get to that level but hey…ya never know! Yes, I would love to tackle your house!!! Makes me happy! I hope your August is terrific!


  3. I love goals! There is something about putting them out there that makes you want to accomplish at least some of them. 🙂 These are great goals!

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  4. I’m lucky to get my goals down on paper! I started back with Power Sheets. I like the format and the check boxes lol! My main goal is to not place so much pressure on myself and live life!

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  5. Do two date nights, one alone and one with friends! Good luck with the birthday parties, my sister has the same conundrum with all three of her girls. I am like a therapist in mid march! You got the gym girl! Not to make you feel bad about your 2x a week goal but I am trying to now do 3 days of cardio and 3 days of barre (I don’t have kids or a husband, remember!) and not spend any extra money!


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