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What about 8lbs?


Hey y’all!  I’ve been missing a few things this summer – healthy girl posts and my gym time.  Let it be known – I generally take off June and July from the gym because I’m pretty active with work and in the great outdoors.

Before this year it had never phased me to take those months off.  I’ve always been the (admittedly lucky) type to not gain anything but lose when I take my gym hiatus between the start of summer break and August.

This year that changed.  And I have a feeling that it has little to do with the whole mid thirties B.S. that we get fed as soon as we leave our twenties and say sianora to the years of 30-33.  It has to do with TWO major other items that failed to make the agenda this summer as well.  I will get to those in a tiny bit.

This past Saturday I woke up, drank my coffee, threw on my work out clothes and took to the gym.

I had three goals –

  1.  No matter how I felt I must do thirty minutes of straight cardio
  2.  If thirty minutes was good I would just go until I couldn’t go anymore for that session
  3. Weigh myself.

I ended up doing an hour of cardio with a side of weights.  I was pretty pleased.  Normally, I tear myself down when I’m returning to the gym after a hiatus.  I get in my own head and say, “This is going to be hard.  You’re going to suck.  Good luck.”  Obviously I’m all about words of affirmation…

Vintage Bathroom Scales Midcentury Doctor Scale Human Scale
Chill out I used a new scale not this vintage one.  But these are my most favorite!

Listen up, females – I’m not a scale monster!  I don’t weigh myself weekly and fret over the numbers and that is simply because I generally do not have to.  I know I’m not overweight or obese and I know that I keep my body in check for the most part.  If I were overweight or obese you better believe me and old doctor’s office scale would be tighter than a tick on a dog.

But I am pretty damned intune with this whole arms, legs, feet, stomach, butt, and boobs I’m living in.  And when I put “weigh myself” as a goal then that means I knew in my heart of hearts I wasn’t the same girl who was bouncing around the gym in May.

Guess what?  My intuition was correct.  I generally keep my weight at 130 lbs or 59 kilograms.  (Ha that sounds pretty crazy and had to slide it in here…) When I stepped up and moved the measurement bar it landed on 138 lbs.  I knew I would find my numbers up and I had two reactions:

Chapter 11 - "Jem was scarlet. I pulled at his sleeve, and we were followed up the sidewalk by a philippic on our family's moral degeneration..." (Lee 136.) - Jem vs. Mrs. Dub ode



Photo by Lisa Larsen

I got this.

You may read this and say, “It’s just eight pounds.”  And this is where the blog post really begins.


It is NOT just eight pounds.  It is eight pounds I do not need on my 5’4 frame.  It is eight pounds that sit on me to make my back ache a little.  Those eight pounds make me sluggish.  Those eight pounds make the shorts that were falling off a little more fitted.  Those eight pounds are the gateway to eight more.

Have you ever been at a point in your life where you are at a goal weight or maybe the size you know you need to be and then for whatever reason you get lax and you notice that there’s a little more adipose (fat) here and there?  Maybe you let it slide because you compare yourself to someone you know who is extremely overweight?

Well you are making mistakes, sweetness.

You cannot let five pounds slide because before you know it it will be ten pounds, then fifteen, then twenty and so on and so forth.

You cannot compare your frame against another woman’s frame.

And you cannot ever compare yourself to someone double or twice your size.  That’s rude.  That’s illogical.  That’s trying to accept yourself at the expense of others.

I’m curious if anyone reading this post is nodding in agreement.  I’m curious if someone can relate to these words on the screen.

Did you allow the few pounds to sit in your tissue only to find yourself a year later looking at someone you just don’t know? That’s what happens when you let “a few pounds” slide.  When you say, “Oh it will be alright.”

I can totally tell you where my weight gain has came from.

Peter Pan knows what's up!

  1.  Breyers Ice Cream
  2. Great Value Twist n Shouts
  3. Cheerwine and or Coca Cola

You’re thinking wine too but honestly I haven’t been indulging in wine.  I have a five ounce glass in the evening and I’m done.

4.  Failure to run

I cannot blame my additional pounds on summer heat and not having motivation.  Southern heat is my friend and I love it.  I cannot blame my additional pounds on stress.  I don’t stress eat.  I cannot blame my gain on anything more than making bad choices every day to down too much bad food and not hitting the gym at least once a week or even keeping up my running.

It’s all my very own fault.

When I say it’s my fault then I know it’s my job to right my wrong.

I let few things slide and eight pounds is not tolerable.

Healthy Girl is back….let’s get motivated.

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20 thoughts on “What about 8lbs?”

  1. Nodding and nodding and nodding! Guess what, I’m up 8 lbs too from my norm and wanted to slap a co worker who said “no big deal!” Well it is a big deal to us who try to maintain our weight and workout sanity. It’s my own dang fault too and Ice cream for supper and poor choices but I vow to be better before Fall comfort eating gets here. Love ya sis! Oh food, why do I love you so too?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Head is still nodding. I hopped on my scale this Saturday morning for the first time in way too long and guess what it said? EIGHT POUNDS UP. I saw Andrea up there has 8 too, what is it about 8?! I am blaming dating for mine. I gained 25 pounds quitting smoking at 32 and guess how long it took me to lose that? Almost 3 years, but when I had my 5 year high school reunion it only took a month to lose 15! I just love being a woman over 30. Get it girl, we got this! I am going to start running again on top of pure barre to help.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. THIS IS INSANE! We are all gaining the same amount. I cannot wait to keep these posts coming and see how we all kick this adipose to the curb. I have a couple more Healthy Girl posts coming out to help us keep up the work/get on the train to shed the excess. We cannot have anything extra as we move into the fall…..that would be a disaster (hello fall’s blessed baked goods and the beer!)


  3. I WAS nodding along when I came upon that line. Hahahaha! I kind of want to throw my scale away at this point, I weigh every single day, sometimes twice a day. It is NOT a good thing. When someone maintains weight, or loses weight, a gain can be so frustrating. I feel you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t understand why you are weighing yourself like that. Throw it away, join a gym, weigh once every two weeks. If you aren’t seeing the change you need to see then you’re not doing something right…oh crap this another post I have coming. XO!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!! I am VERY anti-scale! I only weigh myself when I start a new program and at the end! Numbers mess with ya head! But I love the responsibility people take when they realize a) I am out of shape and b) The only way I will get better is if I commit! Way to go girl! You are awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Totally with you….I let 5 slide to 8 and then to 10 and it has been a complete bitch trying to get the weight back off post 45. Side tip…you will always weigh more after a workout so I would totally try that scale again 😉


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