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Friday #30


Today is the last Friday of July.

In the event you did not know.


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Well guys on Wednesday I shared some kinda big news.  After some changes and lots of deliberation my Cammy B will return to public school.  We have nixed homeschool since this mama is going back to school in September.  And yesterday I made it all official and registered slash paid for the course I will be investing all my time, energy, and focus into for a bit over a month.  I will go into more details in August!

In the event you missed yesterday’s post (extremely short, please go to it now) I would really LOVE your feedback.  I gave a simple hypothetical and asked for your responses in comments.  It has to do with beauty….go check it out and leave your $20 worth comment!

Last weekend we got another dog!  Hahahahaa and I laugh again hahahahaha and one more time hahahahahaha.


Cocoa is our newest addition.  She decided on us instead of us on her and it has worked out.  I’m ready for our backyard to be fenced it.  She has really taken up with my tiny Brady (all 7.6lbs of him) and they enjoy playing and napping together. I need a dog crate for a large dog.

In the event your name is Laura Horton I will just put the Summer of the Animals timeline up for you….

June 9th – One dog, Chippy.

June 16th  – One dog, Chippy.  One cat, Amendola Cupcake.

June 18th – One dog, Chippy.  One cat missing, Amendola Cupcake.  One cat added, Orange Kitty.

June 18th (evening) – One dog, Chippy.  Two cats, Amendola Cupcake, Orange Kitty.

June 30th – Chippy passed away.  Two cats, Amendola Cupcake, Orange Kitty.

July 1st – One dog, Brady.  Orange Kitty rehomed.  One cat, Amendola Cupcake

July 28th – Two dogs, Brady & Cocoa.  One cat, Amendola Cupcake.


We kicked off last weekend with a yard sale.  I didn’t fare too well but it was better than just donating it to a “good cause” whose C.E.O. makes a few million a year <wink!>  My game will be ON for the next sale we are having in September!  I have goals to make some big profit like my big sis, Andrea!

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@chickfila date night with this kiddo!

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My little boo boo and I had a mom/daughter evening last weekend.  We hit up Petsmart, Michael’s, and TJ Maxx.  She got a few new shirts (for school?) and we enjoyed a quiet venture to Chickfila followed by Publix.  That girl is growing….

My bestie came down to visit and swim on Sunday!  It was a quick visit (the weather didn’t agree) but so good to see her.  I failed to take any photos really.  My bad.  I look forward to our next date!  She is on the homestretch of finishing up her paralegal and I’m so proud of her.

The kids have been at VBS this week.  This is the last one of the summer.  They have such a blast at the three we attend each year.  I am a bit sad that VBS season is wrapping up – I enjoy the fun they have but I also enjoy having some time in the evening to get things completed around the house and to hang out with the husband.  We don’t do anything other than play with the dogs or watch whatever shows are in syndication now LOL!

Give me a glue gun and glitter and I can save the world!
No glitter needed for this project HA!

And finally a HUGE shout out to a friend who had a glue gun at just the right time this week.  You know who you are and you are appreciated!

I hope you have a fabulous weekend – enjoy these sweet summer weekends before they all run out.  Its going to be rainy here so who knows what we will do?!?!




16 thoughts on “Friday #30”

  1. My kids have been at VBS this week too and it has been pretty amazing, not gonna lie. Goodness seeing the pets all wrote out made me laugh. My daughters would think y’all are the coolest. They are BEGGING me for a dog. Happy Friday friend. Excited for you and your class!

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  2. Yay! Congratulations on the big decisions! I’ve been a little m.i.a. due to work and just life so I haven’t read that one yet. It’s going to be great! We’ve had VBS this week too. It is seriously my kids favorite week of the year. My youngest has done pretty well accepting that he isn’t old enough. I’m hoping next year to help and he can go with me as an escort! 🙂 Hope your weekend is fabulous!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. OMG!! You KNEW I would need a time line for all these animals of yours!! I mean, SERIOUSLY!! I can’t keep up! Just call your place CCK ZOO!! Bwahahaha!! Welcome to the craziness, Cocoa!

    Liked by 1 person

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