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In the event you did not know – I just ADORE Beth over at Our Pretty Little Girls.  She’s such a little er tall beacon of sunshine!  The other day she posted five things that bring her joy.

Just so you know (if this is the first time you have ever read my blog then you don’t know this) I shared that I started reading The Happiness Project.  I’m looking for more ways to find “happy” – I’m not unhappy but I feel like I’m not reaching the potential of my happiness.  Honestly, I feel a lot of it has to do with this stage of life.  I’m busy, I’m trying to grow humans, I’m looking at my husband cross-eyed….I need to get back in touch with true happiness and not jaded happiness!

When Beth posted five things she felt joy over I knew this was calling to me.  A little jumpstart to make my own Happiness Project make a flash on the blog.  So…thank you Beth!


1.  Park Days

One thing that consistently brings me happiness is going to the park.  There is a great walking/jogging/biking loop – it is dog friendly, kid friendly, and just perfect.  I have been going for a couple years to Tanglewood Park and just love it.  If I’m outside then I’m happy – that’s pretty simple!  When my kids, husband, and dog are with me then add to that happiness ten fold.

2.  Pool Days

I don’t know how we did it but originally the pool (at my mom’s house) was going to be gone in late June.  The closing was pushed back to mid July.  And now as I type this the closing has been pushed to mid August.  Thank you, Lord!  One of my happiest places to be is at the pool we have had in our family since 2007.  My heart is just plain out broken that our time is running out of having lazy pool days at my mom’s house but life never stays the same and people decide to move to the highway.

3.  Two Buck Chuck

You Trader Joe lovers will smile.  (I’m officially a TJ junkie now.)  The Cab is awesome and as soon as you find a wine that doesn’t lead to a crushing headache that costs $3 then um yeah…total joy!

4.  Brady

Not Tom.  My dog.  Losing Chip was terrible.  It still stings but Brady has been the perfect new pup.  He’s so full of energy and love.  He snuggles at night and can keep up on a jog. He loves the kids and even likes the husband.  He brings me a lot of joy.

5.  Porch Evenings

I’m seriously blessed to live in North Carolina.  We have good weather for evening porch sitting.  I adore being out on the exterior couch when the sun has set and the cicadas are trying to outsing the tree frogs.  I sip my wine and chat with my husband or read a book.  Everything seems just right in the world on those nights.

So now…I shared my joy – what is your’s?  And please don’t say Nordstrom sales.  Ugh.



20 thoughts on “HaPpY!”

  1. Pools snd porches…two things I live for!! We will finally have both at the new house and I promise to drink Two Buck chuck and squeeze my eyes real tight that you will appear o drink on the porch with me!!!

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  2. Well you just made my morning friend, thank you! Pool days, you know I am all about that. As for your Chuck I’ll have to add that to my list. The nearest TJ is about 2 hours away so we don’t get to go very often. The next time we do, I am buying some. Russ always grabs a few of their Simpler Times 6 packs. For cheap beer it’s pretty darn good too!

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  3. Love it! Porch evenings are the best! I feel like I am living on the surface of the sun lately but I know that in a couple of weeks it is going to start cooling down at night and in the mornings for some perfect porch weather. Pools, parks and porches are summer gold! So is a good beverage at the end of the day! 🙂

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  4. LOL about Nordstroms! Oh how I wish I had a porch to sit out on- I absolutely loved waking up and reading on the porch in South Carolina in the summers. I’d say I love that we got time alone without the kids this past week- having them back for just one day before we leave on a family vacay I think will be good for all of us. Happy Monday!

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