Friday 29 The Parentheses Edition

So you know when you get in a busy rut and forget to look at the calendar because you get so used to your routine you just don’t need one?  Yeah ok.  Well I failed to do that and this week has been a massive ball of confusion.  Let’s dive in.

Last weekend – was awesome.  The kids spent Friday night at my mom’s so that meant the hubby and I went out to dinner.  It was nice.  We typically do not get a lot of date nights in the summer (insert crying shame here) and so when my mom opts to keep the kids over night we rejoice.  Of course we’re in our mid thirties so we wild out by going to dinner around 8 and then hitting up Walmart for groceries.

Saturday the kids were at VBS so I took to mowing the yard.  It’s called therapy people.  I go in circles and clear my brain.  Then I get bored and I cuss that it has taken me so long to cut the grass.  Then the hubs and I took it to Lowes.  Our last purchase!  In April I started removing all the pine bark nuggets from my flower beds.  He finished that up and started putting out rock in the flower beds instead.  Ahh it looks so good!  Bye bye weeding!  Speaking of summer I shared another set of Summer Memories on Monday read it here.

Sunday fun day….pool day!  But first a trip to the farmer’s market and Trader Joe’s.  Click here to read my July Favorite Things.

I typically take Mondays off so I can spend time with my kids.  This week was no exception.  We had a blast by taking Brady to the park and the four of us getting some good exercise.  Then we spent the afternoon at the pool.  I cannot complain one bit, friends.  That is a great day!

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Tuesday I should have worked but….sometimes we have to take aggravations and see the gift in them.  Sometimes my clients fail to remember me and let me know at the last minute that they are not in town and therefore my schedule is wrecked.  (Hey!  It’s just how I make a living….no worries.) This happened for the second time this summer and here I was going absolutely ape shi** over it.  See, I’m like a kid, I must have my routine and when it gets upset then this girl goes all to pieces.  (It’s part of being OCD.)  HOWEVER….I am reading The Happiness Project and this book has really made me think (and think, and think, and think) and after my sixty minute freak out I calmed way down.  Luckily, I could move my other client to Wednesday and the gift in it is this:  I got another day with my kiddos.  The sitter needed Tuesday off anyway so BA BOOM – it was A OK!  My son’s preschool friends had a play date so we loaded up and went to it and showed some appreciation to the boys in blue (er brown for us) and both kids ended up having a blast playing.  My daughter got to see a friend from church and a classmate from last school year.

Lesson learned:  See the gifts.

I was happy to return to work on Wednesday.  If you follow me on Snap then you saw I announced I must be pregnant with a carbohydrate baby because I’m seeing belly I haven’t seen in years.  (I even posted a gut shot.) I decided that I would start back to training next week (it just so happens my Patriots will be doing preseason training too so maybe I can catch some good ESPN sports news while I’m trying to get my own game back on.)  This is a hint you can expect some Healthy Girl posts to come at you in the future (August.)

Thursday was 99 degrees so we headed straight to the pool at 5….yay for a short work week!

Now it’s Friday and I am one of three involved in a yard sale. Woo hoo (not really!) I hope you have a terrific weekend!!!




13 thoughts on “Friday 29 The Parentheses Edition”

  1. I love your outlook! It’s frustrating when things don’t go as planned but I’m so glad that you got in fun time with the kids. I’m jealous of your date night too. It’s been too long since I’ve had one of them. Hopefully this week we can make it happen.

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  2. Messy wet hair, don’t care cause you look so cool despite the HOT!! Hope this weekend brings all the things you love my darling! Still wish you were here at the sale with me! xo

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  3. Have a great weekend! When my routine gets messed up I tend to flip a little too…or a lot. Glad you were able to look on the bright side and I am glad it all worked out. Also, all the love for date nights. Harvest started so I won’t see my husband for a while…then date night!

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  4. You have had a busy and wonderful week and weekend! Yay for seeing the positive and the flipside, it is hard sometimes, but usually better. Looking forward to the healthy girl posts! Happy yard sale time, my friends and i are doing one next month.

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  5. I hope the yard sale goes well! Ugh- I hate weeding- so obnoxious. Glad that the scheduling all worked out in the end! And I totally hear you on those crazy date nights- ha! We’re enjoying our kid free week by going to Lowe’s and Target! Happy weekend!

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  6. Yay for the extra day with the kiddos! Boo on the wrecked routine. I’m not good with deviations either. I have to work to remember that god is in control and it’s going to be okay. And you do not have a gut!!! Yard sales are work. Hope it’s fun and fruitful!

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    1. First day I made some and then bought everyone lunch so that netted 0. The second day I did ok. I will do it all again in September. I have seen a lot of stuff that makes think of you lately! Mainly donut cute stuff! xoxox


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