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A little refresher on this…

I meant for this to be a link up but I have some really crap issues with creating a link up because my blog does not favor a link up.  SO if you’re wanting to blog but have writer’s block or whatever here ya go.  You can link back to me if you want or not.

Today we’re talking BACKYARD PARTIES!

July 4th is way past but that doesn’t mean that we cannot celebrate summer with our friends in our back yards. I mean duh.

One goal I had for this month was to host a backyard get together.  I also said this month would be a spend free month.  So um….

To Pinterest I go!

Because alcohol is expensive:

Unless otherwise noted, all of the costs were calculated using Fresh Direct, so they will vary depending on your location.
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I think the only way to host a get together is to do it outdoors.  This cheat sheet is the best.

All you need to plan an outdoor party!
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One thing about the South – mosquitos the size of B-52 Bombers.  We can nip that in the bug – get it?

Crafting To Disney: Whatever Wednesday- Big Hero Six Outdoor Movie Night Party- bug spray sign

Y’all this is a taco bar….shut up!

elegant taco bar - everyone loves a taco, you can eat stand and chat, and its cheap!!
I could just tell my guest to BYOB and a dessert!

And the vibe for the little get together?  Simply put:

Wine SVG The Best Wines Are The Ones We Drink With by SVGoriginals
Of course we have pregnant friend so we can say sparkling grape juice <wink>

Let me know if you used this prompt today!  I would love to see your finds!  I would also love to party with you at a backyard bash!



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