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Summer Memories


I do not have any pictures on this post because I cannot find most of my photos due to losing a vast amount in 2014.  But never fear as soon as they pop up I will repost this post with the photos.  It could be ages but it will happen.  Another note:  This post is simply my thoughts going straight to screen I didn’t edit I just wrote my train of thought and memory.  All apologies (not really) for how this may read.

Time for me to reminisce again…

Vacation…isn’t that what summer is all about?

Growing up summer meant that my family would go to the beach.  We never went for a full week.  Probably because we were pretty much close to poor and you got what you got (generally 2-3 days.)  As I got older we started staying more days – that can also be attributed to my parents being in their 30’s and having better jobs.  *In case you didn’t know I am a biproduct of teenage lust.*  That make me laugh so hard.

I have lived in North Carolina my entire life and that means that summer vacation was a trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  I’m about four hours from that little garden spot.  I remember when Myrtle Beach was a hokey pokey amusement park, sketchy board walk, and breakfast restaurants.  Over the course of my lifetime that place has went from dank to danker to dankest.  Sure, they tried to “upscale” it a bit with the addition of some very nice place like The Market Common but yes…ok…I shall stop there.

Our first family vacation I was three years old.  I do not remember it.  I had a picture of my tiny little self on the beach but lost it.

We continued going to Myrtle Beach until I hit middle school.  My dad said we were done with that place and so we took off to Carolina Beach, NC.  Carolina Beach is a mini version of Myrtle Beach and I mean mini.  We had a condo we would go to and that was great.  My best friend, Amy, would go with us and we would have a ball on the beach.  We swam as far out as we could go in the ocean (who cares about sharks, really?)  We made lude comments about hot lifeguards.  We ventured about at night walking the rows of beach houses and condos.  Those were the days.

One summer we decided to vacation close to Beaufort, NC.  All I remember is the lighthouse and the sound.

Another summer, when I was thirteen, I went with my dad’s family to Dollywood.  That was a vacation I will never forget.  Nine people in a condo in Pigeon Forge….my Pappaw did his old Army cadences as we went through the park.  My aunt decided to quit smoking on the trip up.  It was the kind of experience summer comedies are made of.

When I was twelve my mom and I went to Washington, DC.  She hurt her leg and tried to walk through a barricade where President Clinton was about to meet a Middle Eastern Leader.  That was classic.  As was the moment she realized that in her pocket was a .22 bullet from the wash.  Oh we were standing outside the Capitol.  Yeah….

College brought the fun times.  My bestie and I going and staying in total dives and getting wasted on tequila.  I will stop there since we are now grown women who do not enjoy letting waitors lick salt off our necks.

Now days the husband and I load the kids up and we go to the beach – North Carolina or South Carolina….we prefer North Carolina.  We lie on the beach all day, play in the water with the kids, find cool (free) places to explore, and soak it all in.

The thing about vacations is this:  It doesn’t matter whether you spend $1000 on a vacation or $10,000 – kids remember the time together, the silliest of memories from those trips, the moments you were running and playing with them.  They don’t care about luxury suite, the overpriced meal, or the exotic location.  They just care about you and them and the time you have together without a phone or calendar or schedule.

My vacations growing up weren’t anything special.  They were quick and cheap and they were the times I hold closest because for a few days the whole world was just right and everyone seemed so damn happy.

Just remember that.



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20 thoughts on “Summer Memories”

  1. You know it friend, those silly little memories are absolutely the best! Like the deer head our one guy brought home and the Baha riding in the sand. My cousin lived in Myrtle Beach for 10 years and I almost moved there too, then we only would’ve been four hours apart. The Washington DC memory, too crazy! Just exploring the beach and the town is one of our favorite things! Sometimes I think memories keep us going through life and I’m glad yours are so sweet!

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  2. Your growing up vacations sound so similar to mine… only we lived way too far away to go to the beach. I honestly had never vacationed at the beach until last fall, and it was amazing. I had to giggle over your “biproduct of teenage lust” comment. Such fun memories.

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  3. Oh how true! This post made me think of all of my summer vacations growing up. You are so right, kids don’t care about the riches but they do care and remember the memories!

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  4. Our vacations growing up were usually a 3 day weekend camping or a 3 day weekend in Gettysburg, PA. Camping because it was cheap and we didn’t have much money back in those days, and Gettysburg because my parents love Civil War history (and this trip always conveniently coincided with “Corvettes at Carlisle,” a yearly car show my dad was obsessed with). Although the car show was insanely boring, I was usually allowed to bring a friend so we made our own fun. One year my parents got my friend and I an adjoining hotel room and we thought we were THE SHIZ!!
    And camping was always fun! So many laughs and good memories!

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  5. Your Dollywood vacay sounds hilarious! I’m excited to take my kids to visit my aunts, uncles, and cousins next week and relive the things that I did when I would visit St. Louis as a kid. Have a margarita or two for me on my 14 hour drive days! 🙂

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  6. Such great memories! I seriously had to laugh about the tequila and salt on the neck….when I was in between marriages I dated quite a few guys who were probably way too young as they were in college and I totally remember one of them doing that to me. Good gracious! We didn’t have many family vacations when I was young….mostly going to the beach or staying in the travel trailer at a KOA. They were the best to me though because I remember my mom and dad together and us all laughing and being together.

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