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Friday #28

Hey guys, happy Friday!  In the summer I have mixed emotions about Fridays.  The first deal is the fact the kids are out and we shouldn’t be so excited over Fridays.  The second deal is the hubs and I work during the week so Fridays remain pretty awesome.  My weeks are becoming super freaking busy so I’m sad I don’t get to read the way I wish to.  That should change…don’t ya think?

CCK brought you two posts this week (um yeah, just two, ahem…)

My Go To Summer Food

Hair & Now

So let’s look at the past 7 days now….

Friday (last week) I had to work since we had a holiday in the middle of the week.  I was on zombie mode but totally stoked to come home to a semi clean house!  My husband had the week off of work so he was able to be with the kids so the sitter could have the week off.  He cleaned a few rooms in the house for me and that was great.


Saturday we had a lot of fun.  Saturday afternoon we went to our friends Lori & Scott’s for a super fun late July 4th celebration.  Pool time, adult beverages, burgers, and fireworks (they were on Snap/IG/FB.)  The kids had a blast, the adults had a great time – always a pleasure to go to the Marion’s!  We are so happy they moved in just a hop, skip, and jump away from us out here in the boonies!

Sunday was lazy.  That’s how they should be!  I had all intentions of heading to church but my youngest spent the night with my mom and the oldest likes to sleep until lunch so I took advantage of a walk, lots of coffee, and some ESPN. Then we changed out of our pajamas and went to Tanglewood (ever) and got some exercise on the walking track/trails/and the doggie got in his play time at the dog park.  Sunday was fabulous because not only did we get our Vitamin D at the park we also got it at the pool.  When we finally came home I mowed (I love to mow, weirdo) and made a shrimp boil for dinner.  By the time my head hit the pillow I was O-U-T

Image may contain: 2 people, pool, swimming and outdoor

Monday….I had off so I invited one of my daughter’s friends over to swim with us.  She has been wanting Annabelle to come over for a while so why not?!  They were actually playmates when they were itty bitty babies at daycare and now they are a school year apart at their elementary school.  Over the course of last school year they reconnected.  Isn’t that the sweetest?

Tuesday….hair hair hair!  My last hair appointment was 5/12.  Why do I remember that?  Because after my appointment my haidresser went to the JOP and got married!!!  I had tried to get back in the chair by 6/14 but Lizz was sick.  So hello 7/11.  I decided to put some dark back into my stripper blonde.  As Lizz said – class up my stripper blonde a bit.

Wednesday….work work work!  In August I plan to post more about what’s going on in my life (aside from this kind of stuff) but my work is insane right now and I’m having to create a new schedule for when things change up in September.  Unfortunately, that means letting go of a few clients.  I hate to do it but if I don’t I will never do what I need to do.

Thursday….work work work.  The temps have been in the mid nineties with 900000% humidity (per the norm) so I’m extra tired after work!  I’m happy to admit I did basically nothing (besides some work around my own house) to celebrate the end of the work week!  Happy MAIL!  I got a little package from the mailbox (I knew a book was coming) and was so sweetly surprised to find some adorbs earrings in there too!  Thanks Shelly!

So the weekend is here and I’m all like woo hoo.  I have no plans other than to wreck my no spend July rule by getting new shoes for myself and the kids today.  Look, I admitted it!  Seriously, both kids have outgrown their sneakers and need new ones for football/cheer next month.  I need some because well….I have holes in my shoes!!!  I hate taking the kids shopping together but dammit we all need a reason to drink and that will be mine!

Looking forward to a night out this weekend for a big milestone birthday bash!

Love y’all!




14 thoughts on “Friday #28”

  1. My lil sis..the hardest worker I know! Dark hints look good on your stripper blonde. I wonder if they would on mine? This Nice and Easy box girl isn’t sure I could do it myself, lol. Enjoy the weekend to the fullest, get some cute shoes and chill!! Love ya babes!


  2. You have been busy! If there was a place where they served you alcohol while you shopped with you kids it would be packed every weekend, heck every day! Maybe I need to open said place and then you can open a sister store. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


    1. Girl my jacked up feet make me have to go try on shoes in actual stores LOL! I ended up with a Nike and knowing my training days are back in August and my heel/knee issues….I could be really mad at myself for buying a freaking Nike!!! Thank you for that info though I bet I will be using it for the kids!


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