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Today is a good day, y’all.

It’s hair chair day!!!  Hair chair time makes me a happy girl because it’s generally relaxing and fun and my hairdresser knows what she is doing so that makes it a great experience too.

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If you follow me on Snap then you may think I never do anything with my hair other than throw it up in a ponytail.  Well guess what?  I actually do my hair and I actually do not live on Social Media.  So it may shock you that I actually do style my hair and fail to document it.  Perhaps I should change that?  How about one of you sweeties remind me to Snap or IG or Tweet if I fall silent for a while?

I wanted to spend a little bit of time today showing you a hair history if you will.  Prepare to laugh and yes all these photos are me.  Even the totally gross ones….

Maybe I should start in 1989?  Maybe this will show you how far I have gone with my hair.

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Well this was 1980 something and I just feel you all need to see what kind of white trash fun I came from. That is me with my permed bangs and super fly collared sweat shirt. The beast I am sitting with could be Dwight from the office's alter ego. Those out of control tinted glasses, peach fuzz mustache, and the flex just scream out nothing without the tank top. Notice the novel "scene" upholstered couch. Are there words? No. In the background half the arsenal of hunting supplies a 20 and a 12 gauge for sure. Always nestle your guns with boot boxes and a vaporizer. How about that paneling? And the ironing board? Yes friends the 80s were pretty damn wonderful. #1980something #mylife #nomore #thankgoditsover #permedbangsforthewin #childofthe80s

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There was no where to go but UP.

Post Baby Hair (2013)-  Post baby hair SUCKS!  I went from having beautiful, full, thick, nice hair to popping out a baby and losing TONS of it in the shower.  It went limp, drab, and gross.

Image may contain: 2 people
Um yeah…but that cutie beside me is awesome.

Then I did this….

Image may contain: one or more people
Never, ever, ever again.  Never, ever, ever again.  And I kept it short for a too long amount of time.
Image may contain: 1 person
This is embarassing.  Ugh, why did I want this look?
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The pixie grew out a little bit and got way darker. This is 2014.

Then in 2015 we started a little growing experiment….

Image may contain: 1 person

And it grew pretty fast (+3 inches)

Image may contain: 1 person

Then this day came.  I told my hairdresser I didn’t want to cut it anymore and just see how long it could grow. (+6 inches)

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling

I have been every hair color (excluding muppet colors) under the sun.  And though stripper blonde is my jam I must say I prefer dark blonde on my head. (In this picture I had +7 inches of growth.)

No automatic alt text available.

Holiday Hair (now up to +9 inches of growth)

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling

Notice how much dark I have in my hair?  I miss it. (In this picture I was at +11 inches of growth!)

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling

And today….

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, closeup

My hair has grown 14 inches since I quit having it “cut” in August ’16.

I don’t have any tips other than my genetics give me fast growing hair!  I do take B vitamins and I try to drink water but seriously – I think it has to do with all the caffiene I drink (LOL but really!)  A few of my favorite hair products are:

Keratin ShampooMiracle 7 – The product I originally was using was discontinued so I will be trying out the Keratin line.  These products are available at Sally Beauty Supply and start at $13.99 and go up to $26.99.  They are sulfate free and they last MONTHS!  Also, Miracle 7 makes hair care products for those of you who cheat and get extensions.  Just saying….LOL

Best stuff since sliced bread, I tell ya!  For under $3 this is my favorite conditioner.  You really cannot beat it for the price and the conditioning it does so well for your hair on the daily.

Image result for johnson and johnson kids detanglerY’all are going to laugh at me.  I spray this on my hair before I go swim.  My daughter has an overpriced blonde protect spray for chlorinated/salt water but this stuff works just as good and its a fraction of the price.

Image result for revlon hair straightener  I used to be known for over styling my hair with heat products (2004-2007).  I had an arsenal of straighteners, dryers, curling irons, etc.  Now all I use is my straightner (and blow dryer.) I use the cheapy from Walmart (Revolon Titanium) It hasn’t let me down yet.  I try to only use heat to style three days a week.

What is you go to hair product/tool?

Today as I sit in the hair chair I’m going to scroll through this post for my reinvention that starts on the top of my head.  But first I have to ask….light or dark?  Bangs or none?  And more importantly….what hair cuts do you wish you had NEVER undergone?

Happy Tuesday!


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12 thoughts on “Hair & Now”

  1. I love your beautiful locks my love! I must say that pixie cut was pretty darn cute but I LOVE your hair long!! A Golden beauty you are!! Enjoy Hair Chair day to the fullest!! xo

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  2. That is a lot of dang growth in a year friend. Confession: I haven’t been to the hair dreser since August of 2016…. UGH! My ends are shot and I need a haircut stat. But I guarantee it has maybe only grown half as much as yours.

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