My Go To Summer Food

Summer is my favorite season of eating.  This is kind of ironic considering I eat less in the summer than any other time of year!  The heat and humidity do not allow me to get those winter hunger pangs so I tend to eat a little here and a little there and be satiated.

Never fear there is one summer food that keeps me going.  It is my favorite of favorites and is so simple and I hear so Southern.

Tomato Sandwiches

There are those of you who hear the word tomato and shriek and run.  I’m married to one of those people.  This girl?  Polar opposite.  Fresh tomatoes, Duke’s mayonnaise, and good ole sandwich bread…mmm mmm mmm.  Put a dash of black pepper on those tomatoes and we are eating high on the hog.  Yes, that’s a Southern term for eating well.

And here’s a weird fact:

I never eat potato chips but when summer rolls in I love them.  As in want them.  As in it is weird.  I guess it can be chalked up to the salt content but for reals – summer makes me love some salt and vinegar or ridge chips!

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24 thoughts on “My Go To Summer Food”

  1. Can you even believe that I am from the heart of the south and I can NOT eat a tomato sandwich or a tomato. It’s a texture thing for me! Now give me all the foods with tomatoes in them…salsa, sauces, etc. But a tomato by its self….NO THANK YOU! HA

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  2. Mmm I’ve been craving tomatoes lately. I Alice them up and sprinkle them with some salt and feta. So good! Otherwise I’m all about snack type meals in the summer. Lots of Turkey, cheese, veggies and hummus, and fruit. The best.

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  3. Ohhhhh a good ol’ tomato sandwich is always so good! And yes, BLT’s and tomato sandwiches are very different! Lol! I like my tomato sandwiches on cheap white bread! Ha!

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  4. I love tomato sandwiches! But it’s gotta be a fresh from the garden summer tomato. Nothing worse than a tasteless tomato on your sandwich!

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  5. My mama ate a tomato sandwich or just sliced tomatoes with mayo for lunch nearly every day during the summer! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

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