I have been wanting to join the Currenty link up for about seven months now.  Well hello July and hello finally doing this.

Documenting I’m using my blog to document my summer memories from my own childhood.  I have issues remembering large portions of growing up so when memories come back I feel like I need to blog them to have them not just to share but for my children.  You can read the few posts I have by clicking here, here, and here.

Accomplishing  I feel as though I am not accomplishing anything.  Then again I haven’t made a to do list.  I also haven’t set very many any goals this summer LOL!

Enjoying  Summer.  Sitting outside in the early morning sipping coffee, going to the pool with the kiddos, sun worshipping (I know but I do use lots of SPF!)

Reading I cannot get into the book I shared on my other post today.  So I turned it back in.  I decided to exchange it for….undecided as of yet LOL!

Spending I have deemed July a no spend month.  I have a course to pay for by the 31st and my kids both are going into fall sports.  Let’s not forget back to school purchases that will be made the third week of August.  So I’m spending time not shopping this month!



19 thoughts on “Currently….”

  1. Probably best not to waste time on a book you can’t get into. I had to lol over the sun worshiping too. I have been planting myself in a chair with a book and my legs in the sun but the rest of me in the shade. So far my tan has stayed pretty even but everyone tells me I am “so dark” no matter how much SPF I slather on.

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    1. I love a spending freeze. My last one was in the winter and I did well. Here’s to one every season. I don’t let my kids spend money yet but I know in the future they will learn what it means to be on spending lock down too!


  2. Try November 9…I absolutely loved it! I swear we could add a lake house pmt for what we pay for sports. It’s gotten a little crazy.

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  3. There are just too many good books out there to put up with one you’re not loving… I need to get better at putting those ones down! And yes to summer sun. Thanks for linking up!

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  4. I have went on a little spending hiatus lately and it feels so good. I am with you on summer….ohhhhhhh I just love it! Have a great day!


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