Hi, I’m Amanda

I saw this….

And said yes.

  1.  My favorite animal is the dog.  It will always be the dog.  Dogs are simply fabulous.
  2. I’m a wine-o.  I prefer cabernet.
  3. Hell no to socks while sleeping! That is something sick people do and I hate to be sick!
  4. Two piece for me but I love my one piece.  Two pieces make potty time easier.  Can I get an AMEN?
  5. Eating out when I do not have my children with me.  Cooking at home when I’m lazy or have said children in my possession.
  6. Coke – never doubt it.
  7. Electric!
  8. Chocolate, because addiction is real!
  9. DUH – coffee.  See sock comment.
  10. Bieber or nothing – bahahahaha.  No really I listen to both talk and music.
  11. I am a sucker for a documentary.  Though I do like a good chick flick that isn’t redundant of the last 47 put out.
  12. Regular – I’m on the verge of Amish.
  13. BOTH no question.  I swim hard and then I lay out harder.
  14. You had to ask this?  Dog all the way.  I’m adjusting to cat life.
  15. Sedan
  16. I’m actually both.  Its that time in the middle where I’m irritable, disgruntled, and possibly a bat out of hell.
  17. Peanut butter
  18. Phone in another room.  I hear those things catch fire.
  19. Nope, I’m a get in and get it done kind of girl.  Hello fan club.  BAHAHA

This was so fun!  Nice to meet you!



20 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Amanda”

  1. I love a good cab!!! it’s the one reason I find pregnancy so freaking hard lol… well, and the whole growing a human bit!
    we have a lot of similar answers!

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  2. I had to catch a few of my fav babes answers while the boys are all in the bathroom getting beach ready, lol. I wanted to do this but vacay win but my love for you just grew even bigger!!!!! So much more sisterly alike goods. PB all the way! Doggies win big! I may be in the 40’s decade but still pulling the two piece, unless I’m bloated like today then I’ve got the flowy tankini, lol. I’m With ya, dip, lay out hard! Happy Happy 4th beautiful baby doll! Hope the day is the diggity dog!!!! xo

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  3. I almost spit my coffee at your sock comment…hahahahaha! I’m so sorry about the dog question 😦 Hope you have a great 4th with your family! Thanks for linking up with us!

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  4. Your sock comment, haha, so funny! And what your favorite peanut butter, you never disclosed that? OR do you not have one, just PB in general? We just got the creamy peanu tbutter from Trader Joe’s and man is it good, unlike anything else out there.

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