Friday 25 (Bye June)


Y’all, I’m sad.

June is like….gone.  I just want to grab summer by the ovaries and say – what the crap is up with you going by so fast?

This week has been FULL in a good way!

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Last weekend we had the sleepover for my daughter. Six girls, ages eight and nine, all screams and giggles!  I think they had a good time.  Well maybe one did not because of the refusal to acclimate with the other girls but hey….that happens!  We just roll with it. Sleepovers were always super fun when I was growing up.  I reminisced on some other things I LOVED as a kid in this post from Monday. Saturday was a fun day.  The daughter, my mom, and I went “camp shopping” —hello Target!  I also finally hit up Trader Joe’s – yep first time!  I was never really interested in it.  I tried a Matcha Tea cookie – it was great.  I had some good coffee.  And I bought the Two Buck Chuck that is actually Three Buck Chuck.  It was marvelous (Cabernet).

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Post Cat Nip session….yeah they were stoned.

Oh and the daughter and I hit up Pet Supermart where she tried to convince me to get a puppy.  Hell no.

Sunday was daddy daughter/mommy son day.  The boy and I had Cookout for lunch and then hit up Aldi  He was so good.  I have noticed that when I have the boy and girl BOTH with me all hell breaks loose.  When I have just one or the other it is peace.  Dad took the girl to lunch and to Walmart.  All was nice in the world.  Aside from a cold front….yeah I took the boy to the pool and it was warmer than the air so I froze to death.  The temperature didn’t even phase the boy!  However, I do remember that in brain development – the area that controls temperature awareness is not totally formed until after five years of age.  So there ya go – I taught you a valuable lesson.  HA!  I also went to Lowes with my mom.  She tried to remember the appliances she bought for her mom’s house (that is being remodeled for her to move into.) Hey did you check out this post?  It’s my tips on great budget friendly summer home projects!

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Monday my girl left me.  My daughter started her first ever week away at camp on Monday.  Her youth group went to Gardner Webb University to spend the week at Centrikid Camp.  I think she was totally excited but also had a bit of that uneasiness that comes with going away for the first time for more than a night or two.  I set my week up so that I only had two days of work on the schedule.  After we dropped off C, the boy and I went to do a little shopping.  Home Goods & Hobby Lobby for the win!  You may have noticed I upped my Social Media game on Monday.  I was IG-ing and SC-ing like crazy.  In case you are interested find me on IG @cardiocabkeyboard and on SC @abullnojoke.

Tuesday I enjoyed my pajamas, coffee, and working on this blog.  I want to apologize for not being able to read posts every day.  I’m not able to do that with work and since I don’t use a computer in my job (that would be weird) I don’t have the option to take a breather and read blog posts!  But I still adore you other bloggers so much.  Is it weird to tell you I was totally stoked the exterminator came out on Tuesday?  Um yeah.  No he’s not hot or anything but he does come to kill the pesky summer bugs that are taking over my home.  I’m so sick of ants and gnats.  I put all my food away in containers or the fridge and seriously….these damned things keep appearing.  NO more.  Death to the creepy crawlies! Oh Tuesday was the day I finally got to reveal what Tacy sent me in the box swap for mamas!

Wednesday was work.  I was so tired when I got home that the dog, Agent Orange, and I got on the couch and literally vegged out to a show…I cannot even remember what show.  I’m thinking Souther Charm Savannah *YUCK!*  I got back on the new season of OITNB and I think I fell asleep again.  Anyone else super excited that Younger premiered for it’s fourth season on Wednesday?  I was!  I posted What’s Up….late.

If you follow me on Snap Chat then you saw my newest home! Not my home but a client’s.  It’s A LOT.  I think I loved the comment from Emily the best – “I couldn’t sleep there.  That place is creepy.”  Bahahaha!  It is a dark house for sure!  Is this a good time to whisper that I have been checking out some future possibilities for myself?  Is that vague?  I really wish for it not to be but I’m planning a post later to fill you in on stuff.  Like mid to late July, ok?

I have the best big sister ever.  And this is where my local friends that read say, “Wait what?”  Hahaha!  I got happy mail last week from my “Big Sis” Andrea.  She and I just connected/clicked and she has been a more precious than gold friend for me for just over a year now!  I dubbed her my Big Sis because she has this sense that tells her when I could use a little ray of sunshine!  Anyway, she got a shirt a few months back and she knew I would like it.  Well she looked FABULOUS in it and then she mailed it to me!  Something about my ta-ta’s fitting it better than her’s.  (HEY NOW that is total sister talk!)  I love it!

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So now let’s talk about Friday… This post is late because today was the day my girl got home from Centrikid camp!  She had a glorious four and a half days on the campus of Gardner Webb University with other kids learning more about faith.  She was bubbling over with conversation and enlightening me on all the fun stuff the week gave her.  She wrapped up the week by letting her youth leader know she wants to accept Christ!  I’m excited for her walk.  I’m also super happy to have her home!  We’re going to relax this evening with some catching up on TV shows and being lazy in our pajamas.  Oh….and we hit up PetSmart for the FREE bag of pet food.  Get a bag for free and they donate a bag to a shelter – take advantage of this Pet Perks people!

Here’s to the weekend! Happy Birthday, America!

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5 thoughts on “Friday 25 (Bye June)”

  1. First, that is amazing news! So happy for her and the best decision she will ever make! Secondly, I’m totally with you when it comes to work and blogging. As much as I want to comment and read every single post you lovelies create, I can’t. I’d drown. In my quest for balance, letting some posts go helps. And we have gnat issues too! I’m getting pretty good and killing them off one by one. Haha. Enjoy the weekend!


  2. So happy your girl had such an amazing time at camp and made that decision. I keep waiting and praying for that to happen with my oldest. God’s timing. I hope y’all are having a great weekend. Love the pineapple shirt. Every time I see anything pineapple, my mind goes to you.


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