What's Up Wednesday

WUW: June



Eating – Like pigs.  Then again not a lot at all.  I started a Cook Out traditionon Sundays.  I get a small burger and Cheerwine.  (Don’t judge.)  We are also having ice cream like every day.  This week we’re into the chicken salad like mad!

Reminiscing – Here’s one and here’s the other.

Loving – Summer time….laid back in a thrift store beach chair dropping lines in a Corona – not my line but Jake Owen is on point with that.  Did you catch this Favorite Things post?

We have been up to….working.  The kids have a great summer sitter and I’m so happy for that!  They have been so busy having fun with her. My daughter had a great sleepover last week. We’re working on some projects around our house but seriously – what is new?

Watching….Sad that Southern Charm is over.  I have been trying to regain some interest in OITNB but sorry y’all it isn’t happening.

Reading…I’ll share that next week!

Listening to….Bieber.

Wearing….tanks, shorts, espadrilles, shades, and beach hair.

This weekend….pool.  Actually since the weekend will be five days I think it is safe to say we’ll be in the pool all.weekend.long!

Next month….same ole, same ole!  Work, pool, etc.

Anything else….we got TWO cats this month.  WHAT?

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Favorite July 4th Tradition…..cooking out and swimming!  With plenty of adult beverages and a big ole American flag waving in the breeze!

Image result for god bless america





7 thoughts on “WUW: June”

  1. Living in the pool the whole weekend sounds like sheer perfection. The last time I looked, we had SO much rain in the forecast. That is just not fair. It cant rain all weekend. That’s what I say at least. LOVE summer so much. Glad the sleepover went well.


  2. We have not made it to the pool yet! What in the actual heck?!?! I need to rectify that immediately. Enjoy your long weekend!


  3. So I’m sitting here post birthday dinner going how did I miss my sun baked beauty’s WUW??? Chicken salad has my heart and I bet you make it soooo good! Let’s sit my the pool, eat some and sip concoctions!! The kids can wait on us, good idea, right? Love those sunnies you glowin’ babe! Hope this is one heck of a kick back, chilling weekend! xo


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