Summer Mom Box Swap

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I’m becoming a bit of an addict for these darn blogger box swaps!  How can you say no to happy mail?  You cannot!  Just like your four year old cannot say no to a happy meal.

A couple weeks ago I participated in another blogger box swap.  This was hosted by Johannah, Heather, and Jenna.  I love all these sweet ladies and the last time we had a swap it was so fun!

This time I got a fabulous mama next door in Chattanooga, Tennesee.  Her name is Tacy and she is a busy, busy mama!  Tacy has a beautiful family complete with six kiddos!  Her most recent addition came in May and he is just a cutie pie!  Tacy is a young mom and her posts to keep us mamas trucking are just what we all need.

You have to be excited when you open your mailbox and find a package stuffed in there. I was super excited to get back from a day at the lake with my family (the first official day of summer break – how fitting!) to find a fun package awaiting me!


First off – this girl did her research.  She knew exactly what I love – PINEAPPLES!

A -Dried Pineapple Rings – Oh my goodness!  Hello pineapple jerky supreme!  These things are just plain out yummy!  This is something I would have never ever thought about so I was excited to try them and I fell in love.

B – Pineapple Notebook – How freaking adorable! I’m saving this for my fall endeavor! It goes perfect with the (C) pencils – I love to write in pencil – actually I choose them over pens most of the time.

D – Emoji Sugar Candies – Since I’m hosting a slumber party these are going to come in super handy for the cupcakes I plan to make for the girls!  I tell you, Tacy is a mind reader!

E – Sugar Free Mentos Mints – Y’all know me and my sugar free self!  I needed these because I’m always popping Altoids!

 F – July 4th Napkins – I’m a napkin junkie (Tacy, did you visit my house?) I have two packs of summer napkins but nothing for July 4th!  YAY for this little score.  I like the simple festiveness of napkins so this was fun.

G – No show socks – Just the motivation to I need to get back to regular pavement pounding!  A goal I have for the end of the month.

H – Mainstays Aloha Colada Room Spray – Since I live 200+miles from the ocean this is great.  I can spray my room and feel like the sea is right out my door.  This girl gets me!

I – Ice Cube Gum – It’s tropical flavor!!!!  And it is so good.  I had to hide it from my kids and husband!

I’m super summer ready now.  Go visit Tacy’s blog and tell her Amanda sent you!

Thanks to the hosts for another fun box swap!!!



21 thoughts on “Summer Mom Box Swap”

  1. What a fun box of surprises. I was doodling a pineapple chalkboard just yesterday and my mind instantly went to you. Excited for you to get back to pavement pounding. I have been doing more and more of that lately and I gotta say I don’t love it, but it has been good.

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